A dentist in Gilbert is more than someone that works on your teeth.  A dentist is someone that can help you achieve better overall health.

Want a reason to smile? Dental health can contribute to your overall health | (480) 503-5467

Want a reason to smile? Dental health can contribute to your overall health | (480) 503-5467

Why Going to a Gilbert Dentist is About More Than Your Smile

As we covered previously, when you visit a dentist, they will do a dental exam and might identify some of the signs and symptoms related to oral cancer. It is hard to identify some of these signs by yourself. When oral cancer is detected at an early stage, you stand to have a high chance of successfully treating it.
Treatment and management of gum disease is crucial to your overall health.  Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? Are your gums receding? Does it hurt when you bite food? If the answer to any of these question is yes, then you should plan a visit to the dentist. All these could be an indication of one suffering from gum disease. Gingivitis is one form of gum disease caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar. They cause the gum adjacent to the teeth to break down thus resulting in irritation and bleeding when you brush your teeth. After a dental exam, they can be able to identify whether you have gingivitis.
Periodontal disease is a severe gum infection which results from not treating gingivitis. While your Gilbert dentist can help to treat them, visiting a dentist in Gilbert earlier and frequently would have prevented it from happening. Isn’t prevention better than a cure? In addition, a lot of patients don’t realize that inflammation in your gums can cause inflammation throughout your body. A good dental exam can help to catch gingivitis in it’s early stages

Dental Exams:  Another Reason to Schedule a Dentist Appointment in Gilbert

Over time, the teeth may experience wear and tear. Also, you might be having underlying medical problems which can be identified through having a rigorous dental examination.
While at the dentist’s they can be able to; examine the gums, check out for signs and symptoms of diseases, examine the tongue, check for broken teeth or tooth decay.In addition, the dentist is able to take X-rays of your teeth and jaw bone. That way, they can be able to know if everything under the surface is perfect. This process cannot be done while at home as it is impossible to see underneath the gums without an X-ray.That is why it is advised that you see a dentist twice every year. A lot can be uncovered through a dental exam. If it turns out that you do not have a dental problem, dentists will always be willing to share tips on how you can maintain good dental hygiene.
It all starts with a visit.  Schedule an appointment with a Gilbert dentist today.
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