inlays and onlays Partial crowns or inlays and onlays are a reconstructive procedure. Partial crowns are used when there is still a portion of the tooth with healthy enamel. Like a puzzle piece, an inlay or onlay is fitted into the remaining portion of the tooth to increase its strength. A partial crowns is made of porcelain or gold, but it can also be made of a composite material. We will make a determination as to the best restoration for you based on your situation.
When there isn’t any damages to the cusps of your tooth, an inlay can be used within the cusps. An onlay is done in cases where there is more extensive damage to the tooth structure. Onlays are placed over at least one of the cusps on the tooth.


When it’s time for an¬†inlay or onlay, it will take two to three visits to complete the process. Usually, the procedure takes two visits but sometimes a third visit is necessary for a proper fit.
First all decay in the tooth is removed. Then, we’ll take an impression of the tooth and send it to our lab. Our lab will make you your new restoration. You will have a temporary restoration until your permanent partial crown is completed. Temporary restorations look completely natural, and you will be able to go on with your daily life.
On your second visit, we will then place your restoration. The inlay or onlay will fit to your mouth comfortably. Every effort will be made so that your restoration feels exactly like one of your regular teeth. Lastly, we will cement the inlay or onlay into your mouth, restoring your smile.

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