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Oral cancer is something to be on the lookout for when you go to a dental checkup. Our dentists and staff have the technology to thoroughly examine your mouth and spot any irregularities that could possibly need to be biopsied. If you feel anything in your mouth in between appointments, contact us immediately so that we can examine it.

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Why Choose Our Gilbert Oral Cancer Specialists?

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The doctor will check your neck and oral tissues for any lumps, recurring sore areas, or patches of whiteness or redness. If it is detected in its early stages, cancer of the oral tissues can be more successfully treated.
The primary risk factors for oral cancer are smoking and heavy alcohol consumption.
75 percent of oral cancers diagnosed in the US are due to these risk factors. You may also be at risk from Oral cancer due to other environmental or lifestyle factors.

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Why Choose Our Oral Cancer Screening Services?

Our staff is extremely skilled at spotting any changes that occur in your mouth. The oral cancer screening involves both them doing an exam and also possibly using intra-oral cameras. It is important to have this exam if you do things like smoke, drink alcohol a lot or have been in the sun often and gotten burned. If you have had oral cancer in the past, then you need to be regularly examined.

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Early Detection Of Oral Cancer Can Improve Chances Of Successful Treatment

Like many other types of cancer, early detection is extremely important. That way, the treatment can focus on ridding yourself of the cancer, not if it has spread elsewhere in your body. Reach out to us today if you are a Gilbert resident.

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It’s an Easy Process & Can Be Done During The Regular Dental Examination

There is no need to go into another room. The dentist can do everything in the same room that you have your teeth cleaned in. It is fairly quick and painless. You can get peace of mind each time.

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Having Regular Dental Checkups Will Help You Head Off Problems With Your Teeth

Oral cancer, like gum disease, can grow undetected at home. Going to the dentist twice a year can be very important in warding off either of these. Our qualified dentists can find things early.

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Our staff has many years of dental work under their belts. They are trustworthy and can spot irregularities that could lead to more advanced forms of oral cancer. Make an appointment today.

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Quick Oral Cancer Screening Near You

Having this screening is not time consuming. It is worth it to have though, since you want to have a healthy mouth in all regards. Talk to your dentist at Gilbert Vista today to learn more about this important diagnostic.

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State Of The Art Dental Care Equipment

When you come to Gilbert Vista, you will be seen by staff who have the best dental equipment available. It makes the dentist’s job even easier and it will also allow for a smooth and painless dental visit.

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Thorough & Efficient Oral Cancer Detection

When you come to Gilbert Vista, you will be seen by staff who have the best dental equipment available. It makes the dentist’s job even easier and it will also allow for a smooth and painless dental visit.

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Rita Peck is an outstanding dental practitioner who upmost concern is for her patients comfort! Throughout my cleaning appointment she was constantly checking my comfort level, her concern was well received!! I have recommended her to several of my friends and family who utilize her services on a regular basis! Her staff is top notch as well! What a great office.

Samantha H. | GOOGLE★★★★★

I have been going to Dr. Peck for several years and is the best Dentist I have ever visited. She is professional in her approach to dentistry with emphasis on prevention. I have recommended her to several friends and will continue to do so. Her office and professional staff are great and will assist you in any way. I can’t say enough good things about her. She is great!!!

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FAQs About Oral Cancer Screening

It depends on when you go see your dentist. If you feel something before and ask about it, then you might need to pay a higher price, especially if you had an oral cancer screening recently. If not, you could just pay a flat fee for an annual screening, which could cost between $10-$30. This is not something to put off, since it could lead to major problems down the road. Do not hesitate to contact us at Gilbert Vista if you have any concerns about the state of your mouth.
This depends on how old you are and whether you have a lot of bad habits like smoking and heavy drinking. People over the age of 20 usually should have them every three years, but that will change to annually after the age of 40. Of course, if you find things in your mouth or jaw or have unexplained pain, call your dentist so that they can take a look at it and give you a definitive answer.
You should have a screening every three years when you turn 20 and then when you turn 40, it becomes an annual thing. That is because more things can happen to your mouth when you get older. Also, if you have bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking, then that likelihood increases year by year after turning 40. It is an important part of your dental routine and should not be ignored. The whole process is easy and takes very little time to complete.
The biggest risk factors are from smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol. Both of those do have multiple risks and this one of those. Also, if your face is in the sun a lot and has been burned, then that could also increase your chance of oral cancer. If you have had it before, then there is a possibility that it could recur. Also, if there is a family history of it, then you might get it yourself.
Like gum disease, it is important to be diligent about having an oral cancer screening every year if you are over 40 and every three years if you are 20 and older. You want to see a dentist twice a year regardless of whether you have the screening. They are trained to spot things going on in your mouth that you might not notice yourself. Contact us at Gilbert Vista if you happen to have any other questions about oral cancer screenings.
The best way to prevent oral cancer is to not do unhealthy things like smoking or drinking lots of alcohol. If you have a family history of the disease, be sure to tell your dentist so that they know to be extra careful to take a close look at your mouth and neck during each visit. Also, try to stay out of the sun for too long, especially if your lips get dry and burned. That can increase the chances of oral cancer.

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Whether you feel or notice something different in your mouth, tongue, inner cheeks, or around your gums, have a history of oral cancer in your family, or just want a regular check up to stay healthy, our highly skilled dentist at Gilbert Vista Dental Care can provide the necessary attention you want. Make an appointment and get tested!

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