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Regular dental exams are a critical aspect of maintaining your oral health. Visiting a reputable Gilbert dentist office for checkups and professional teeth cleaning will help ensure your teeth, gums, and mouth stay healthy for years to come.

Affordable Dentist & Oral Examinations Near You In Gilbert, AZ

Affordable Dentist & Oral Examinations Near You

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Regular dental exams allow us to evaluate your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, as well as check your face, neck, and mouth for abnormalities. It’s not just about opening and saying “ahhh.” For example, did you know that getting a dental exam is part of a dental check up which helps with your overall health? A lot of people put dental health as a separate thing from the rest of their body’s systems, however, all of your body is interconnected, and poor oral health can also lead to poor overall health. There is a proven link between gingivitis and heart disease. And oral cancer can soon spread into the bones and even the lymphatic system. An abscess tooth, if untreated can even kill in some cases. It has to do with the small amount of distance between your mouth and your brain, and the collection of tissues between them. If an infection gets into your upper jaw for example, and penetrates into your nasal cavity, it’s just a short distance from there to the brain pan. And a virulent enough infection can cause your body’s systems to shut down. In the age of anti-biotic resistant bacteria, this alone is sobering, however, all of these scenarios are scary to say the least.

However there is a way to prevent them from happening. All it takes is a bit of time in a dentist’s chair at your Gilbert dentist. How much time?
A routine dental check-up, or dental exam, at most takes about an hour. One hour, and you can either be given a clean bill of health by your dentist in Gilbert, or be prescribed a treatment regimen. It’s all in the way that one looks at dental exams. Don’t view them as a hassle. View them as a necessity to stay healthy.
Remember, you want to stay healthy. And oral health is part of a healthy body just as much as going to a doctor for an annual checkup. You should schedule an appointment as soon as possible with your dentist in Gilbert to make sure that one more area of your body is healthy: your mouth.
So get plenty of rest, and watch what you eat. Get a bit of exercise, and have your body’s systems checked out by qualified medical personnel. And don’t forget. Visit your dentist and get a dental exam and avoid a lot of medical problems later on in life.

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Types Of Dental Checkups

While many people think that a dental checkup is simply a routine teeth cleaning, this is a misconception. There are a variety of Gilbert dental exams targeting specific areas of the mouth to determine the level of health and identify potential problem areas. A reputable dentist will check for issues such as cancer screening, tooth decay, palate inspection, and more.

Oral Cancer Screening In Gilbert

Oral Cancer Screening

Our Gilbert dentist team will look over the inside of your mouth to check for any patches, sores, lumps, or other abnormalities that could indicate the presence of oral cancer.

Clinical Examination Of Teeth Decay In Gilbert Vista Dental Care

Clinical Examination Of Teeth Decay

When you visit Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we will ask questions about tooth pain or sensitivity along with examining your mouth to determine if tooth decay is present.

Top-Rated Gilbert Full Mouth X-Ray

Full Mouth X-Ray

Our dental team has all the necessary tools for capturing a set of full mouth x-rays during your exam. This helps us assess your overall oral health.

Careful Gum Tissue & Palate Inspection In Gilbert Vista Dental Care

Gum Tissue & Palate Inspection

During your exam, our dentists will thoroughly inspect your gums and soft palate to detect the potential for issues such as sleep apnea, swallowing dysfunction, airway collapse, and more.

Professional Intra-Oral Pictures & Analysis In Gilbert, AZ

Intra-Oral Pictures & Analysis

Using high quality digital technology, our dentists will capture photos of your teeth, gums, and oral tissue to help us assess the health of a specific area in your mouth.

A Complete Visual Oral Exam In Our Gilbert Dental Office

A Complete Visual Oral Exam

You can expect the dentist to perform a comprehensive oral exam with the purpose of spotting any existing or potential health problems, including cavities, decay, cancer, and so much more.

What To Expect From A Gilbert Vista Dental Exam

When you schedule a Gilbert routine dental exam with Gilbert Vista Dental Care, it is helpful to know what to expect. Our dental team will perform a deep clean of your teeth, and check thoroughly for issues such as cavities, gum disease, or decay. We will evaluate your risk of developing other oral issues, and check for any abnormalities.

Gilbert Vista Dental Care Toothache And Oral Pain Prevention

Toothache And Oral Pain Prevention

If you are experiencing tooth pain, let us know at your Gilbert dental check-up! We will assess the concerning area and create a personalized treatment plan for moving forward.

Dental Hygiene & A Healthy Smile Tips By Our Top-Rated Dentist In Gilbert, AZ

Dental Hygiene & A Healthy Smile

Our dental team will offer expert guidance and tips regarding oral health, including nutrition info, basic dental hygiene habits, and the importance of a confident smile.

Oral Cancer Vigilance With Screening Tests & Exams In Gilbert, AZ

Oral Cancer Vigilance

It is important to be aware of the early signs and symptoms of oral cancer. Speak with our team at Gilbert Vista Dental Care today to learn more!

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Absolutely love Dr Rita and her team! They have always been very friendly and courteous. I have a good experience every time I go. I love that they are very personable and it makes you feel comfortable with them. I highly recommend Dr Rita and her staff for any dental work. Crystal R

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