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Tooth extraction can be a necessary procedure for many reasons. From a cosmetic standpoint to an emergency process, extracting a tooth can provide a number of benefits to the patient. At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, our board-certified Gilbert dentists specialize in painless, comfortable tooth extraction and aftercare. Call today to schedule an appointment!

Affordable Tooth Extraction & Surgery Procedures Near You In Gilbert

Affordable Tooth Extraction & Surgery Procedures Near You In Gilbert

Painless Procedures. Painless Payment Plans

When it is deemed necessary to have a tooth extracted because it is no longer restorable, the procedure is done with local anesthetic. A prescription for antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed to ensure your comfort.

No matter the reason for your tooth extraction in Gilbert, we know it can be a scary prospect, especially if it is your first time. At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we do everything possible to help you feel comfortable and know exactly what to expect throughout the entire process. A positive experience is our top priority!

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Experienced Gilbert Dentist Providing The Following Types Of Tooth Extractions

Surgical Tooth Extractions In Gilbert

Surgical Tooth Extractions

Depending on the depth of your dental issue and how many teeth are being removed, the entire process could be fully completed in a minimum of 20-40 minutes. The more teeth being removed, you can expect an additional 3-15 minutes of surgery time. We provide an effective local anesthetic to ensure a painless procedure, and detailed instructions for your aftercare at home.

Simple Tooth Removal Procedure

Sometimes a tooth is infected or damaged beyond repair, or is simply impeding the growth of other teeth. Whether you are having wisdom teeth removed or need to extract an infected tooth, Gilbert Vista Dental Care is the #1 choice for tooth removal in Gilbert. We make the process quick and painless, and ensure you know exactly what to expect from start to finish.

Simple Tooth Removal Procedure In Gilbert

Gilbert’s Leading Dentists In Simple And Surgical Tooth Extractions

When it is deemed necessary to have a tooth extracted because it is no longer restorable, the procedure is done with local anesthetic. A prescription for antibiotics and pain medication may be prescribed to ensure your comfort.

Gilbert Painless Dental Extractions

Painless Dental Extractions

Our Gilbert restorative dentists are highly experienced in the art of tooth extraction. Our goal is to make sure you know what is coming and how to care for your mouth following the removal procedure.

Fast Healing After A Surgical Tooth Removal In Gilbert

Fast Healing After A Surgical Tooth Removal

When your procedure is complete, you will receive a set of detailed instructions outlining when and what you can eat or drink, along with signs of post-op infection or complications. We are always available for questions!

Comprehensive Dental Precautions And Aftercare In Gilbert

Comprehensive Precautions And Aftercare

We make sure you know what to expect regarding the aftercare process and when to call about your concerns. You will receive detailed instructions showing what is normal and abnormal for healing, along with a comprehensive follow-up appointment.

Why Visit A Gilbert Dental Professional For A Tooth Extraction

Whether it is one tooth or several, tooth removal is no small process. It is critical that the procedure is performed correctly and thoroughly, to avoid further complications down the road. At Gilbert Vista Dental, Dr. Rita Peck and her licensed dental team are highly knowledgeable and proficient in both scheduled and emergency tooth extraction procedures. You will receive top-notch treatment and care.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction In Gilbert

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is a dental procedure to remove 1-4 of your wisdom teeth from the back of your mouth. Our Gilbert dental office will work with skill and efficiency.

Certified Dental Extraction Dentist For Excessive Tooth Decay In Gilbert

Excessive Tooth Decay

Crowded teeth can lead to bacteria buildup and tooth decay. Our Gilbert oral surgeons are prepared to remove the problem teeth and fully clean out any decay.

Dental Extraction For Tooth Crowding In Gilbert

Tooth Crowding

If you are dealing with crowded teeth, Gilbert Vista Dental Care can remove what is necessary to open up the area and relieve discomfort, without compromising your chewing or speaking.

Dental Extraction For Dangerous Tooth Infection (Abscess) In Gilbert

Dangerous Tooth Infection (Abscess)

An abscess is a serious infection of the tooth that spreads throughout the body if left untreated. Let our skilled dental team remove the abcessed tooth and clear out the infection.

Dental Removal For Orthodontic Reasons (Braces) In Gilbert

Dental Removal For Orthodontic Reasons (Braces)

In some cases, your Gilbert cosmetic dentist needs to make space for other teeth to grow in and move into their correct positions with braces or other equipment. Overcrowding makes proper alignment impossible.

Emergency Tooth Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removal In Gilbert

Though emergency situations can be overwhelming, Gilbert Vista Dental Care is equipped and prepared to address emergency tooth removal and extraction.

Safe Emergency Dental Surgical Extraction In Gilbert

Emergency Dental Surgical Extraction

When you have a tooth that requires extraction within a 24-48 hr period because your oral health is at risk, our Gilbert emergency dentist office is ready to help. We are skilled, qualified, and prepared with state-of-the-art equipment.

Emergency Infected Tooth Extraction In Gilbert

Emergency Infected Tooth Extraction

During your emergency extraction of an infected tooth, Gilbert Vista Dental Care will use numbing medication for the procedure, and will prescribe pain control medication afterward. You will receive specific instructions for a thorough healing process.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal In Gilbert

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

If one or more of your wisdom teeth are impacted, you will need an emergency wisdom tooth removal in Gilbert. It is likely you will still be able to go home right after the surgery is complete.

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Dr. Peck and her staff are top notch. I have a hard time with my jaw and keeping my mouth open for long. They are all aware of this and very attentive to giving me rest periods. Dr. Peck is personable and always treats her patients with respect. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone. Joanne Gauer

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Absolutely love Dr Rita and her team! They have always been very friendly and courteous. I have a good experience every time I go. I love that they are very personable and it makes you feel comfortable with them. I highly recommend Dr Rita and her staff for any dental work. Crystal R

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Removal Procedures

During the procedure, you will not feel any pain due to the local anesthetic and numbing medication. Afterward, you will experience some degree of discomfort following the surgery for about 3-4 days, along with swelling and tenderness, that can be controlled with pain medication. If the pain intensifies or spreads, it is imperative that you contact your oral surgeon right away.

Many times, dentists extract some teeth to create space for other teeth to move into proper alignment with the help of braces or other orthodontic equipment. Braces are usually placed after the teeth have been extracted and have fully healed, to avoid the risk of healing complications or infections. We want your permanent teeth to have the best chance possible at coming in properly.

After your tooth removal procedure at Gilbert Vista Dental Care, you will receive detailed instructions regarding your aftercare and healing process at home. We recommend as much rest as possible in the 24 hours following the surgery, along with ice packs, warm saline rinses, taking pain medication as prescribed, and avoiding solid foods. You are always welcome to contact your dentist if you have any questions or concerns.

For the first 72 hours after surgery, we recommend you only consume soft foods or liquids, to ensure the proper blood clot forms at the site. After three days, if you have experienced no complications you may begin to eat your usual food. However, it is best to avoid very hot, spicy, acidic, sticky, or crunchy foods for about 2 weeks until your gum and jawbone are completely healed.

While the chance is quite low for you to experience an infection following tooth extraction, there is always a risk. The first 3-4 days following the procedure are the most common time for an infection to present itself, but some infections occur up to 3-4 weeks afterward. It is important to pay close attention to your mouth and overall health to watch for signs of complications.

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