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When you need a root canal in Gilbert, our team at Gilbert Vista Dental Care is an excellent resource. As board-certified licensed dental specialists, we specialize in a wide variety of services designed to improve and maintain your oral health to help you achieve the confident smile you deserve.

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Inside your tooth is a blob of soft tissue called pulp, holding blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. This pulp helps your tooth grow during its developmental stage. When that tooth becomes damaged or diseased, your Gilbert dentist will likely recommend a procedure called a root canal, where the infected pulp is scraped out of the tooth. A root canal provides almost immediate relief from the severe pain and discomfort. While root canals have been notoriously painful procedures in the past, technology development and new methods have made painful root canals a thing of the past. Today, patients are quite comfortable throughout the quick procedure and will experience immediate pain relief.

Gilbert Vista Dental Care has provided excellent dental care to patients throughout the greater Phoenix Valley for over 20 years. We use state of the art equipment, and everything we do is backed by knowledge, experience, and licensing. Your comfort is our top priority, whether you have scheduled a routine teeth cleaning or a root canal. As a top rated Gilbert dental office, we offer a variety of flexible payment plans and competitive rates so that nobody needs to turn down a dental procedure due to budget constraints. Call Gilbert Vista Dental Care today to schedule an appointment!

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Not only does a Gilbert root canal treatment provide immediate, lasting pain relief, but it also stops the infection from spreading to the surrounding teeth. This keeps your teeth healthy, your jawbone healthy, and your overall oral health in optimal condition. Left unchecked, a tooth infection can spread throughout the jawbone and skull, and even permeate the bloodstream causing sepsis.

Years Of Experience In Endodontic Treatment In Gilbert

Years Of Experience In Endodontic Treatment

With decades of experience in all types of Gilbert cosmetic dentistry services, Dr. Rita Peck and her team at Gilbert Vista Dental Care are an excellent source for all your oral health needs. We use high quality equipment and our extensive knowledge to provide comfortable, effective care.

Professional Invisalign Treatment In Gilbert

Professional Invisalign Treatment

Our board certified dental team is proud to provide Invisalign teeth straightening treatments at our office. Through careful molding of your teeth and local manufacturing of the Invisalign equipment, you will achieve the confident smile you deserve. Let us help you determine if Invisalign is the right choice for you!

Exceptional Customer Service In Gilbert

Exceptional Customer Service

After any dental service or Gilbert root canal procedure, our office is available to address any issues or concerns you have. You will receive thorough education and aftercare information to ensure an optimal recovery from your oral surgery. Contact Gilbert Vista Dental Care to learn more.

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When you visit Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we are confident you will experience the difference. Our patients consistently give us five-star ratings and reviews for our exceptional patient care, comfortable environment, and effective services. With state of the art equipment and a dedication to helping our patients achieve and maintain excellent oral health, our Gilbert cosmetic dentistry office is the best in the Valley. Whether you schedule a routine cleaning or an assessment to discuss if a root canal is the right procedure for you, Dr. Rita Peck and her team look forward to working with you.

Treat Toothaches And Tooth Pain Effectively In Gilbert

Treat Toothaches & Tooth Pain Effectively

Teeth can experience pain or aches for a variety of reasons. When the nerve in the root of the tooth or the nerves surrounding a tooth gets irritated, the individual will feel pain, also known as toothaches. Nerve irritation can occur from infection, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth. We can address the root cause of your pain!

Deal With Root Canal Sensitive Teeth And Gum Symptoms

Deal With Sensitive Teeth & Gum

Sensitive teeth are typically the result of exposed tooth roots or worn-down enamel, shrunken gums, disease, cavities, or decay. If you are experiencing sensitive teeth or gums, it is vital to visit your local dental office in Gilbert right away to identify the cause of your sensitivity and find an effective solution.

Reliable Treatment For Cavities And Infections In Gilbert

Reliable Treatment For Cavities & Infections

Cavities are permanently damaged spots in your teeth that eventually develop into openings or holes. At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we can prescribe fluoride treatments to reverse any signs of early decay, or a root canal if the decay has reached the pulp of your tooth. We are knowledgeable and friendly!

Prevent Jawbone Deterioration With Root Canal Treatment

Prevent Jawbone Deterioration

Left unchecked, tooth decay can spread into the jawbone, causing deterioration, breakdown, and widespread infection. It is important to stop the process early! During a Gilbert molar root canal procedure, the bacteria is thoroughly cleaned out to prevent further spread, and follow up appointments with your dental team will ensure that no bacteria has been left behind.

Save Your Teeth From Removal In Gilbert, AZ

Save Your Teeth From Removal

If you are dealing with a tooth infection and avoid seeking treatment in hopes that it will resolve itself, you will soon find out that is not the case. Tooth infections rarely resolve on their own, and once the infection spreads, you could completely lose not only the infected tooth but the ones surrounding it as well.

Improve Your Oral Health And Smile With Endodontic Treatments In Gilbert

Improve Your Oral Health & Smile

Removing the infected tooth or pulp from your mouth will ensure your oral health remains in optimal condition. By scheduling consistent checkups with a Gilbert endodontics office near you, your oral health will be strong and your smile will be confident, healthy, and natural-appearing. Visit Gilbert Vista Dental Care today to get started!

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She’s the best. Rita and her staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. Every single visit is honestly a pleasure. I know that sounds weird to say about a dentist, but she really is great. I had a lot of work that needed to be done on my teeth due to a digestive disorder causing decay and the work she has done has my teeth looking better than literally ever. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. If you want quality dental work that lasts, then this is your place.

Anthony K. | GOOGLE★★★★★

Well if you need a dentist and are a bit gun shy about going to one then this is where you need to go. Rita Peck is caring always asks how you are doing while performing whatever is required. She is great her staff is great and I can’t say enough good she does. Excellent dentistry all around 20 thumbs up for her and staff!!!!

Ed B. | Google★★★★★

FAQs About Root Canal Treatment

Basically, a root canal becomes necessary when the pulp of a tooth has become infected and needs to be removed. The signs and symptoms of infected tooth pulp may vary from person to person, but the most common are severe tooth pain while chewing or with pressure, prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, discoloration or darkening of the tooth, swelling and tenderness in the surrounding gums, or pain specific to one tooth. It is important to discuss your concerns with your dentists so they are aware of any issues you are facing, and to receive peace of mind for yourself. Your dentist will be sure to uncover the root cause of your issues and provide an effective solution for relief.
Absolutely yes! A root canal procedure is specifically designed to remove infected pulp from a tooth and ultimately save the decaying tooth. Root canals are highly effective and virtually pain-free with today’s technology. It is important to remember that an infected tooth will not improve on its own, but will continue to cause pain and spread infection. You must seek immediate treatment for any compromised teeth or you will carry the risk of losing not only the infected tooth, but its neighboring teeth as well. If you have any concerns about your teeth or oral health, reach out to Gilbert Vista Dental Care right away! We will get you into our office as quickly as possible to evaluate your teeth and discuss your concerns.
An emergency root canal is called an endodontic procedure. During the root canal, your dentist will thoroughly flush out the tooth roots and the tooth pulp to remove all decayed matter and bacteria. The tooth is then disinfected and then carefully sealed with a special material to keep food particles and more bacteria from re-entering the void. You may also get a crown or filling to ensure the tooth remains intact and clean. You can generally expect the root canal procedure to take approximately 1-2 hours total, but the actual amount of time will vary depending on how many teeth are affected, the extent of the infection, and any other concerns that arise during the procedure.
In the past, Gilbert retreatment and root canals were notoriously painful procedures. However, with today’s technology there is really no difference between having a root canal or simply getting a cavity filled. Your dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the painful, affected area, so you will essentially feel nothing but some light pressure throughout the entire procedure. The pain relief you experience immediately afterward is worth every bit of the procedure! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask our team at Gilbert Vista Dental Care. We are dedicated to putting your mind at ease and taking all the time necessary to ensure you feel comfortable and ready for the procedure to begin.
Many people are surprised to learn that they can actually eat within 30-45 minutes after a root canal has been finished. This allows enough time to ensure your filling has fully hardened. However, it is recommended that you wait until the anesthetic has fully worn off to avoid biting your cheek or tongue on accident. The main focus after a root canal procedure is to allow the area to heal, so it is important to avoid all chewable foods. Eat only soft foods for the first 2-3 days after the procedure, along with anything that is overly hot or cold. After some time has passed, you will be able to reintroduce very hot or cold foods and beverages, chewy and sticky foods, and hard foods. If you have any questions, reach out to the recovery team at Gilbert Vista Dental Care!

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