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Discover local dentists specializing in dental bridges near you with Gilbert Vista Dental. Dr. Peck is committed to providing personalized care, ensuring thorough assessment and tailored treatment plans for optimal results. With a focus on dental bridges, Dr. Peck specializes in restoring your smile’s functionality and enhancing overall health. Trust our local expertise to deliver high-quality and comprehensive dental bridge solutions in your area.

Affordable Dentists & Dental Bridges Near You In Gilbert

Affordable Dentists & Dental Bridges
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The definition of a bridge is a connection or link between two permanent structures. A dental bridge attaches restorative teeth to the natural teeth on either side of the gap. The bridge acts as your new teeth and both closes the gap as well as restoring your smile. Bridges are usually made of metal or gold foundations with porcelain fused to them. This construction allows your bridge to support normal mouth functions.

There are three main types of dental bridges: Traditional, cantilever, and Maryland Bonded.

  • Traditional bridges use a pontic between the tooth or implant on either side of the missing tooth, with a crown on the tooth or implant. Traditional bridges are the most common variety and are usually made of either ceramics or metal with porcelain fused to them.
  • When there are adjacent teeth on only one side of the missing teeth or tooth, it is appropriate to use cantilever bridges.
  • Maryland bonded bridges which are also known as a resin-bonded bridge or a Maryland bridge, are made of porcelain teeth and gums with a metal framework support. On each side of the bridge, your existing teeth are bonded to metal wings.

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Quality Driven & Efficient Solution To Your Dental Needs

Discover dental bridge specialists near you, providing quality-driven and efficient solutions to address your dental needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering personalized care, ensuring a thorough understanding of your unique requirements for optimal results. With a focus on dental bridge procedures, we specialize in crafting tailored solutions to restore your smile’s functionality and aesthetic appeal. Benefit from our expertise and state-of-the-art techniques to enjoy a complete and confident smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Peck for comprehensive care that prioritizes your oral health and well-being.

Most Cost-Effective Customized Dental Bridges In Gilbert, AZ

Cost-Effective Customized Dental Bridges

At Gilbert Vista Dental, our commitment is to provide high-quality, yet affordable dental bridge options, ensuring accessibility for all patients. We understand the importance of a personalized approach, and our team works closely with you to create a solution that fits your budget without compromising on quality.

Dental Bridges Help Reclaim Chewing Functionality And Speech Clarity

Reclaim Chewing Functionality & Speech Clarity

Regain optimal chewing functionality and speech clarity with us! We specialize in solutions like dental bridges, ensuring the restoration of both aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of your smile. Experience the confidence that comes with improved oral health and the efficient support provided by our dedicated professionals.

Dental Bridges Help Fill The Gaps Left By Missing Teeth

Fill The Gaps Left By Missing Teeth

Allow us to expertly fill the gaps left by missing teeth, restoring both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your smile. Our solutions, including dental bridges, seamlessly bridge the spaces, providing stability and support to enhance your overall oral health. Experience the impact of a complete smile with our dedicated team.

Most Major Dental Insurance & Savings Plans Accepted

No Insurance? No Problem

We accept most major dental insurance and savings plans to ensure accessible dental care for our patients. For those without insurance, we offer flexible solutions, making quality dental services available to everyone.

Benefits Of Getting Dental Bridges

Embracing the decision to get dental bridges comes with a multitude of benefits that extend beyond the aesthetic enhancement of your smile. Dental bridges are a versatile and effective solution for replacing missing teeth, offering a range of advantages that contribute to both oral health and overall well-being. From restoring the natural appearance of your teeth to enhancing functional aspects like chewing and speaking, dental bridges play a crucial role in improving your daily life. Additionally, the preventive benefits, such as maintaining proper tooth alignment and evenly distributing biting forces, make dental bridges a comprehensive solution.

Repair Broken Tooth With Dental Bridges

Repair Broken Tooth

A dental bridge can be a suitable and effective solution for repair. By anchoring an artificial tooth to the adjacent healthy teeth, dental bridges provide both structural support and aesthetic improvement, seamlessly filling the gap created by the broken tooth.

Fix Decayed Teeth With The Help Of Dental Bridges

Fix Decayed Teeth

When a tooth has decayed to the point where a filling is insufficient, a dental bridge can effectively replace the damaged tooth, preventing further decay and restoring the overall integrity of the dental arch, maintaining oral health and dental function.

Protect And Strengthen Damaged Teeth With Dental Bridges

Protect & Strengthen Damaged Teeth

By providing a supportive structure that spans the gap created by missing teeth, bridges anchor to adjacent healthy teeth, preventing further damage and stabilizing the dental arch. This protective function helps maintain the integrity of surrounding teeth.

Enhance Your Smile With Dental Bridges At Gilbert Vista Dental Care

Enhanced Tooth Appearance

Custom-designed to match the natural color and contour of existing teeth, Gilbert dental bridges seamlessly blend with your dental aesthetics. This results in improved overall appearance, contributing to a harmonious and balanced smile.

Prevent Gum Disease With Dental Bridges In Gilbert

Gum Disease Prevention

The restoration of a complete dental arch with bridges at Gilbert Vista Dental helps reduce the risk of gum disease. By providing stability and support to adjacent teeth, bridges play a role in preserving the health of the gums and surrounding oral tissues.

Improved Mouth Function With Dental Bridges

Improved Mouth Function

Dental bridges significantly contribute to improved mouth function by replacing missing teeth and restoring proper oral activities. With the gaps filled, bridges enhance the ability to chew a variety of foods and speak with clarity.

What Makes Dental Bridges A Good Choice To Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental bridges are a compelling choice for replacing missing teeth due to their numerous advantages. Firstly, they restore the aesthetic appeal of a complete smile by filling the gaps left by missing teeth. Functionally, dental bridges enhance chewing and speaking abilities, promoting overall oral health. The procedure is minimally invasive, involving the preparation of adjacent teeth for crowns to anchor the bridge. The stability of dental bridges also prevents surrounding teeth from shifting, maintaining proper alignment. With various materials available, including porcelain for a natural appearance, bridges offer versatility in meeting individual aesthetic preferences. Additionally, dental bridges provide a durable and long-lasting solution, requiring routine dental check-ups for optimal maintenance, making them a popular and effective choice for replacing missing teeth. Contact Gilbert Vista Dental if you’re interested in pursuing dental bridges as a solution to your missing teeth!

Dental Bridges Provide Stability And Support

Stability & Support

By anchoring the artificial tooth (or teeth) to adjacent natural teeth or dental implants, bridges provide a secure foundation. This stability not only enhances the ability to chew and speak but also helps maintain the alignment of surrounding teeth, contributing to long-term oral health.

Dental Bridges Help Restore Mouth Functionality

Restored Functionality

Gilbert dental bridges offer a valuable benefit of restored functionality by replacing missing teeth and enhancing oral activities. With a properly fitted bridge, individuals can regain the ability to chew a variety of foods and speak with ease. Contact our dental office to schedule your appointment!

Dental Bridges Improve Overall Aesthetic

Aesthetic Improvement

The customized design of Gilbert dental bridges ensures a seamless integration with existing teeth, enhancing overall facial appearance. This aesthetic improvement not only boosts confidence but also contributes to a more harmonious and balanced dental aesthetic.

Dental Bridges For A Stronger, Healthier Smile

Natural-Looking Results Following Tooth Loss In Gilbert

Experience a stronger, healthier smile with our expertly crafted dental bridges in Gilbert. Our dental bridges not only replace missing teeth but also contribute to overall oral health by restoring proper function and preventing issues like misalignment. With a focus on natural-looking results, our bridges seamlessly blend with your existing teeth, providing an aesthetically pleasing solution for tooth loss.

Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or multiple teeth, our personalized approach ensures optimal fit and comfort, enhancing both your smile and confidence. Say goodbye to gaps and hello to a revitalized, complete smile with our dental bridges, offering a lasting and functional solution for your dental needs. Trust our experienced team to provide the expertise and care needed for a beautiful, natural-looking smile following tooth loss.

Natural-Looking Dental Bridges In Gilbert, AZ

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Dr. Peck and her staff are top notch. I have a hard time with my jaw and keeping my mouth open for long. They are all aware of this and very attentive to giving me rest periods. Dr. Peck is personable and always treats her patients with respect. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone.
Joanne Gauer | GOOGLE★★★★★

Absolutely love Dr Rita and her team! They have always been very friendly and courteous. I have a good experience every time I go. I love that they are very personable and it makes you feel comfortable with them. I highly recommend Dr Rita and her staff for any dental work.
Crystal R | GOOGLE★★★★★

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FAQs About Dental Bridges

Our Frequently Asked Questions cover topics such as the types of dental bridges, the procedure process, recovery expectations, maintenance tips, and potential complications. We aim to provide comprehensive answers to address common queries and offer insights into the benefits and considerations associated with dental bridges. If you have specific questions or concerns, feel free to explore our FAQs or contact our office for personalized assistance.

Dental bridges stay in place through a combination of their design and the support from surrounding teeth. Typically, a dental bridge consists of two main components: the pontic (artificial tooth) and crowns on either side. The crowns are placed on the adjacent natural teeth or dental implants, providing stability and anchoring the bridge in position. The crowns are custom-fitted to the prepared abutment teeth, ensuring a secure and snug fit. Dental cement is then used to bond the crowns to the abutment teeth, creating a durable connection. Dr. Rita Peck is skilled in dental bridges, ensuring precision in fabrication and proper fit so your dental bridge is sure to stay in place.
There are several types of Gilbert dental bridges, each serving specific purposes and addressing different dental needs. Traditional dental bridges consist of artificial teeth held in place by crowns on adjacent natural teeth. Cantilever bridges are similar but anchored to only one adjacent tooth, making them suitable when there’s only one adjacent tooth available for support. Maryland bridges use a metal or porcelain framework bonded to the backs of adjacent teeth, minimizing the need for crowns. Implant-supported bridges utilize dental implants as stable anchors, providing a highly secure and long-lasting solution. Hybrid or fixed-movable bridges combine features of both fixed and removable bridges, offering stability while allowing for easier cleaning.
The process of getting a dental bridge typically involves multiple steps, and while some discomfort is possible, it is generally not considered a painful procedure. The initial step involves preparing the abutment teeth for crowns, which may involve removing a small amount of enamel. Local anesthesia is administered during this stage to minimize any discomfort. The impressions taken for bridge fabrication may cause temporary sensitivity or minor discomfort, but it is usually brief. Once the bridge is ready, the placement procedure involves cementing it onto the prepared teeth or dental implants, which may cause some pressure or sensitivity. Any discomfort can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. For more information on your procedure and the pain involved, contact Dr. Peck’s office and we will ensure you are informed and have peace of mind before your procedure.
The longevity of dental bridges varies depending on factors such as oral hygiene and lifestyle. On average, dental bridges can last between 5 to 15 years or even longer with proper care. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings with Dr. Peck are essential to monitor the bridge’s condition and address any issues promptly. Maintaining good oral hygiene practices, such as regular brushing, flossing, and avoiding habits like teeth grinding, can contribute to the prolonged lifespan of a dental bridge. Over time, normal wear and tear may occur, and the bridge may need adjustments or replacement, making consistent dental care crucial for maximizing its longevity.
Following a dental bridge procedure, there is an adjustment period during which you may need to be cautious with your eating habits. Initially, it’s advisable to stick to softer foods and gradually reintroduce a regular diet as you become accustomed to the bridge. While the bridge enhances your ability to chew and eat, avoiding excessively hard or sticky foods is recommended to prevent damage. The success of eating and chewing comfortably with a dental bridge depends on factors such as the type of bridge, its stability, and your adaptation to the new restoration. Most individuals find that, after the initial adjustment period, they can enjoy a varied diet without significant restrictions, appreciating the improved functionality and aesthetics provided by the dental bridge. We recommend regular Gilbert dental check-ups, ensuring that the bridge remains in good condition, supporting comfortable eating and chewing.
Dental bridges do not require special maintenance, but they benefit from regular oral hygiene practices. Brushing the bridge and surrounding teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste helps prevent plaque buildup and maintain oral health. Flossing is essential to clean between the bridge and adjacent teeth, using floss threaders or special brushes for effective cleaning. Regular dental check-ups are crucial to monitor the condition of the bridge, address any issues promptly, and ensure its longevity. Following your Dr. Peck’s recommendations and maintaining good oral hygiene will contribute to the ongoing success and durability of your dental bridge.
The feasibility of getting a dental bridge when you have gum disease depends on the severity of the condition. If gum disease is mild or moderate, your Gilbert dentist may recommend treating the gum disease first before proceeding with a bridge to ensure a stable foundation. In cases of advanced gum disease, it might be necessary to address the periodontal issues and achieve gum health before considering a dental bridge. Dental professionals typically prefer to work on a healthy oral environment to enhance the success and longevity of dental restorations. Dr. Peck will assess your specific situation, discuss treatment options, and create a tailored plan to address both gum disease and the restoration of missing teeth if needed.
The recovery time after getting a dental bridge is typically minimal, and most individuals can resume normal activities immediately. Some may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity in the days following the procedure, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. It’s advisable to avoid consuming extremely hot or cold foods during the initial days to minimize sensitivity. The gums and surrounding tissues may take a short time to adjust to the presence of the bridge. Good oral hygiene practices, including regular brushing and flossing, are crucial for maintaining oral health during the recovery period. If any persistent discomfort or issues arise, it’s essential to contact Dr. Peck promptly for evaluation and appropriate adjustments.
After getting a dental bridge, it is generally recommended to maintain regular dental check-ups every six months. These check-ups allow Dr. Peck to monitor the condition of your bridge, assess your overall oral health, and identify any potential issues early on. Regular examinations can help detect problems such as decay, gum disease, or issues with the bridge structure before they escalate. Your dentist will also perform professional cleaning to ensure proper oral hygiene around the bridge and prevent complications. If you experience any discomfort, pain, or changes in the bridge, it’s essential to schedule an appointment promptly, even if it falls between regular check-ups. Adhering to a consistent schedule of dental visits is crucial for the long-term success and durability of dental bridges.
Dental bridges, particularly those made from porcelain, do not respond to traditional teeth whitening methods because they are not porous like natural teeth. The color of dental bridges is typically determined during their fabrication, and it remains stable over time. If you have a dental bridge and are considering teeth whitening, it’s advisable to discuss your options with your Gilbert dentist. In some cases, adjacent natural teeth can be whitened to better match the bridge, or if a significant color discrepancy exists, the replacement or adjustment of the bridge may be considered for aesthetic reasons.
Yes, it is possible to have dental implants after having dental bridges. Dental implants can be a viable option for replacing missing teeth even if you have existing dental bridges. Your dentist will evaluate your oral health and discuss the feasibility of integrating implants into your existing dental work. In some cases, the bridge may need to be modified or replaced to accommodate the implant. Dental implants offer a durable and long-term solution for tooth replacement, and Dr. Peck will work with you to create a treatment plan that aligns with your oral health goals.
While dental bridges are generally safe, there are potential risks and complications associated with the procedure. Some individuals may experience sensitivity or discomfort after the placement of a dental bridge, usually resolving with time. There’s a risk of damage to the abutment teeth during the preparation process, and in rare cases, an allergic reaction to materials used in the bridge may occur. Poor oral hygiene can lead to decay or gum disease around the bridge, affecting its longevity. Regular dental check-ups at Gilbert Vista Dental and proper oral care can help mitigate these risks, and any concerns should be promptly addressed with Dr. Peck.
Yes, dental bridges can contribute to improved overall oral health. By replacing missing teeth, bridges restore proper chewing function, aiding in digestion and nutrient absorption. Bridges also help maintain the alignment of surrounding teeth, preventing them from shifting into gaps and causing misalignment. The restoration of a complete smile with dental bridges can enhance self-esteem and confidence, positively impacting mental well-being. Additionally, bridges distribute bite forces evenly, reducing strain on remaining teeth and promoting a balanced oral environment. If you’re interested in getting dental bridges, contact Gilbert Vista Dental for a consultation!
Dental bridges generally do not require regular adjustments if properly fitted. However, over time, normal wear and tear may occur, and occasional adjustments might be needed. Dr. Peck will monitor the condition of the bridge and address any issues at your regular dental check-ups. While well-maintained bridges can last a long time, they may need replacement after several years due to factors like changes in oral structure or material wear. At Gilbert Vista Dental, we will provide guidance on the expected lifespan of your specific bridge and recommend any necessary adjustments or replacements based on your oral health.

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