The Importance Of Routine X-Rays In Preventive Dentistry

How Routine X-Rays Help Your Dentist Diagnose & Treat Oral Health Problems

If you’ve had a routine oral health exam recently, your dentist may have wanted to take x-rays of your teeth. At our Gilbert dentist office, we frequently recommend routine X-rays for our patients, which assist us in diagnosing cavities, gum disease, and other common conditions. Routine X-rays play an important role in routine dentistry and oral care.

Routine Dental X-Rays in Gilbert, AZ

How Dental X-Rays Can Help You Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Also known as a radiograph, an X-ray is a common medical imaging method that is used by dentists to take pictures of the inside of your teeth, gums, and jawbone. These are places that we cannot see with the naked eye. X-ray images allow us to more closely examine your mouth to ensure that your teeth are healthy, to screen for oral health conditions, and to ensure that you get the best dental treatment. Our dentist will recommend different types of X-rays depending on your needs and what oral health conditions you may have experienced in the past.

Many patients are concerned about radiation exposure from X-rays. Like many other clinics, we use digital X-rays, which give us high-quality images in seconds with a much smaller amount of radiation than traditional X-rays. We may order a variety of different X-rays depending on your needs. Most commonly, dentists will order bitewings that capture a picture of the upper and lower molars, panoramic x-rays of your entire mouth, and specialized periapical x-rays if we need to examine a potential abscess or tooth root infection.

Each of these X-ray images helps us identify potential issues early before they become more serious issues that require more extensive treatment.

What Types Of X-Rays Will a Dentist Order?

Our dental clinic specializes in personalized treatment plans for each of our patients. We may recommend different types of X-rays to examine your teeth, gums, jawbone, and maxillofacial area. These images provide us with information so that we can give you the best possible treatment through early detection of oral health issues. Each type of X-ray will snapshot a unique view of your mouth that will help our team to effectively diagnose and treat different dental conditions.

Some types of X-rays our dentist may order include:

  • Bitewings: One of the most common types of dental X-rays, bitewings take a picture of both the upper and lower molars in one image. Your dentist will use your bitewing x-rays to look for early evidence of cavities, view the jawbone that supports your teeth, and look for symptoms of gum disease.
  • Panoramic: Another common dental x-ray, a panoramic will give your dentist a broad view of your entire mouth as it captures all of your teeth, jaws, sinuses, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) in one image. A panoramic may be recommended when your dentist wants to evaluate your wisdom teeth, monitor the progress of orthodontic treatment, or get a full picture of your mouth for another diagnostic reason.
  • Periapical: This type of X-ray is often ordered when your dentist is looking for an abscess or another condition in one individual tooth. The X-ray will capture a close-up image of the entire tooth from root to crown.
  • Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT): This innovative X-ray provides a detailed 3D image of specific areas of your mouth or jaw. Dentists commonly use CBCT before more complex dental procedures, such as dental implants or other surgeries where they will need a detailed, accurate understanding of their patient’s mouth.

Your dental office may order one or more of these X-rays at your appointment to assist with diagnosis and effective treatment for your needs.

Routine Dental X-Rays Are Important For The Early Detection Of Oral Health Problems

Most dentists consider routine X-rays to be an essential part of routine, preventative dental care. This is because X-ray images allow dentists to detect and diagnose any oral health conditions that may not be immediately apparent during a dental examination. Unfortunately, many common dental issues, including cavities, gum disease, impacted teeth, and jawbone damage can go unnoticed for a long time. They may not be discovered until the patient begins to experience severe pain, sensitivity, and other complications. When regular X-rays are taken each year, your dentist can identify these health conditions in the early stages, when treatment is easier and less invasive.

Early diagnosis of dental issues can help you avoid expensive, invasive dental procedures. Treatment may be more effective and enable you to avoid uncomfortable symptoms, such as chronic bad breath, pain, sensitivity to foods and temperatures, and more.

When you visit dental care for annual routine visits, you can stay proactive with your oral health by discussing routine X-rays with your dentist. We are always happy to answer your questions and address your concerns as we work with you to develop effective treatment for your healthy smile!

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