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Where you involved in an accident that affected your mouth? Did you lose a tooth? There’s no need to worry! If you live in Gilbert or surrounding areas, you can go see Dr. Rita Peck. She will ensure that your smile is restored to look just like new with a dental implant. The staff at Gilbert Vista Dental Care will work closely with you and will ensure that the whole process is a smooth one. Contact us today to learn more!

Affordable Dental Implants In Gilbert

Affordable Dental Implant Restoration In Gilbert

Replace Missing Teeth With Our High Quality Tooth Implants

When you lose a tooth, you need to get it replaced quickly before your remaining teeth start shifting. A dental implant is an excellent choice. But you may be worried about the cost. No need for that! – we make things affordable for you. That is because we will work with your dental insurance and also offer financing options that will work with your budget. Losing a tooth can be painful and stressful enough … trying to figure out how to pay for it shouldn’t add to it.

Here at Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we are ready to help you with your dental implant journey from the very second that you walk through our doors. Our staff is highly skilled and they will ensure that you will have a dental implant firmly anchored in your jaw at the end of the whole process. They will also gladly answer any questions that you may have. Contact us today to make an appointment!

Top-Rated Tooth Implant Specialists Near You

Gilbert’s Favorite Implant Restoration Dentists

We have an excellent reputation in the Gilbert area for all kinds of dental services, but people really love how well we do dental implants. We do this popular procedure in an efficient way from the very start while ensuring that everything is done perfectly. Our staff listens to patients and will do everything they can to answer any questions or concerns they have. They will also carefully examine the implant if a patient is having any issues while trying to get used to it. Our goal is to help as many people have perfect smiles as we can.

Cost-Effective Single Tooth Implants In Gilbert

Cost-Effective Single Tooth Implant Restoration

Are you missing one tooth? Tired of how your mouth looks with that space? Worried about other teeth shifting? Not to worry. We have very affordable prices for a single dental implant. If you are concerned about the cost, feel free to contact us at our office and we will walk you through everything.

Qualified Tooth Implant Restoration Dentists In Gilbert

Repair Chipped, Broken & Damaged Dental Implants

Things happen to the dental implants that you already have. They can get chipped, damaged, or even broken despite your best efforts. Not to worry. Come see us immediately at Gilbert Vista Dental Care and we will fix it as quickly as possible so that you can get your smile back again.

All On 4 & Full Mouth Dental Implants In Gilbert

Get Your All On 4 & Full Mouth Dental Implants Fixed

It’s nice to have an All On Four dental implant – it fills up an entire area and the process saves time. But things can happen. Perhaps you tried to open something with your teeth or like to chew on ice regularly. Our skilled staff can fix it or make you a new one in no time.

Most Major Dental Insurance & Savings Plans Accepted

No Insurance? No Problem

We are more than happy to work with patients that do not have dental insurance. Contact us today with any questions.

Benefits Of Restoring Your Dental Implants

There are a lot of reasons why you want to get a dental implant restoration. It is important that you have a great full smile for both your health and your self esteem, and yes why not, to show others what a great smile you have. But if you keep a gap in your teeth, that can affect your oral health since teeth will shift. Having a full smile again will be a big boost to your self-esteem since you will be able to open wide and impress people with your grin. Let us not forget about your chewing – having a dental implant makes that task much easier … and talking also becomes so much easier. That makes it all worth it.

Dental Implants Help Improve Your Oral Health

Improve Your Oral Health

If you have a gap in your mouth, that can allow food to get caught in areas that are hard to reach .. and then that can cause decay and infection. If you get a dental implant, that will keep that from happening and greatly improve your oral health.

Prevent Your Teeth From Shifting With Dental Implants

Prevent Your Teeth From Shifting

A big issue with missing teeth is that your jaw does not like having that empty space. The other teeth will start shifting in an effort to fill that space. Getting the dental implant keeps that from happening … and will preserve how your face looks.

Increase Your Self-Esteem With Natural-Looking Dental Implants In Gilbert

Increase Your Self-Esteem

Many people don’t like looking in a mirror and seeing a mouth with an empty space where a tooth or teeth used to be. It can make them very reluctant to smile. A dental implant can change that. Our expert staff will make sure that you feel great about your smile again.

Enhanced Smile & Looks With Dental Implants In Gilbert, AZ

Enhanced Smile & Looks

There is something about a great smile that can brighten both your day and those around you. You won’t hesitate to show off yours in public when you get your dental implant. It will give your face a better appearance, too, since your cheeks will not be sinking in due to missing teeth.

Improve Your Chewing With Dental Implants

Improve Your Chewing

Chewing can be extra difficult with missing teeth. You can resume your normal chewing once you get your dental implant. It will act like a natural tooth and you won’t have to worry about taking it out at night. Things will start to feel normal for you again and you will be able to enjoy your food and snacks as you did before.

Dental Implants Help Prevent Speech Impediments

Prevent Speech Impediments

If you lose a tooth or teeth, that can make talking difficult. Certain sounds might become harder to pull off. You don’t want to feel self-conscious about your speech. A dental implant will allow you to talk normally again and not have you worrying in the back of your mind that you said something wrong.

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She’s the best. Rita and her staff are extremely friendly and accommodating. Every single visit is honestly a pleasure. I know that sounds weird to say about a dentist, but she really is great. I had a lot of work that needed to be done on my teeth due to a digestive disorder causing decay and the work she has done has my teeth looking better than literally ever. I can’t recommend her strongly enough. If you want quality dental work that lasts, then this is your place.

Anthony K. | GOOGLE★★★★★

Well if you need a dentist and are a bit gun shy about going to one then this is where you need to go. Rita Peck is caring always asks how you are doing while performing whatever is required. She is great her staff is great and I can’t say enough good she does. Excellent dentistry all around 20 thumbs up for her and staff!!!!

Ed B. | Google★★★★★

FAQs About Dental Implants

How Often Should I Get My Dental Implants Checked By a Dentist?
If something happens to your dental implant, you want to get it fixed as quickly as possible. This is because if you don’t, you risk things like teeth shifting, bone loss, or issues with the titanium screw that was inserted there. Come see us at Gilbert Vista Dental Care to get the problem taken care of.
You can just have your dentist inspect the dental implant during your twice-yearly visit for routine cleanings. That is if things feel normal. If something feels off, then you need to see them even sooner. But as long as you are feeling fine, you won’t need to make extra visits.
Yes. You need to have a certain amount of bone mass in your jaw. If there is not, then the titanium screw will not be able to properly fuse with your jaw. Your dentist may try a bone graft if that is the case – it can thicken the mass. Otherwise, you may try mini implants or get a bridge or dentures.
If you have been without teeth for a while, your cheeks will likely get a sunken look, since there is nothing pushing back on them. Dental implants can keep that from happening and restore the look of your face to where it was when you had teeth. That is a big improvement.
This depends on what kind you are getting. If you are getting a single one, the cost could reach about $4800. If you are getting more, then they will cost more. But remember, these are durable and can last a long time. They pay for themselves quickly and we offer financing options.

There may be a short healing process, but after a little bit, you can start eating and drinking like you did before the process. You just need to be careful with certain foods – like hard candies. If you don’t want the implant to get stained, watch out for certain beverages like red wine.

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