A dentist in Gilbert can protect you from some potentially serious health problems.

If You Need a Dental Exam Call Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

If You Need a Dental Exam Call Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

Gum Disease: Avoid It By Consulting Your Gilbert Dentist

As we covered previously, plaque and tartar buildup causes both tooth decay and erodes your mouth’s gum tissues. This happens when the buildup of tartar causes an infection in the area where your gum and teeth connect, making your gum to pull away from the tooth. This disease is medically known as gingivitis and, as it progresses, it breaks down the tissues that attach your gum to your teeth.
The moment it reaches such a point, it officially becomes gum disease, and it’s only at this stage that your gums will start swelling, bleeding and becoming sore. Along with breaking down the gum tissues, gum disease also leads to the breakdown of the bone which holds your teeth in place. This causes your teeth to loosen and even fall, calling for drastic medical attention from your Gilbert dentist.
Not only will a dental specialist require more appointments and blow your wallet, the treatment of gum disease, based on its severity, may require surgery, thorough cleaning and extensive medication. Why don’t you avoid all these hassles by just scheduling more regular dental appointments with your dental specialist?

Your Dentist in Gilbert Is A Health Professional

Consider the effects of dental health on your overall health. You may not be aware, but the blunt truth is that your oral health can directly or indirectly affect, or be affected by your general health. Gum disease, for instance, has been linked to respiratory problems, cardiovascular issues, and complications during pregnancy. People who have uncontrolled diabetes can fall prey to periodontal diseases as well. But luckily enough, sufficient gum disease therapy will reduce the signs and symptoms of both.
Maintaining regular dental checkups with your dentist will not only boost your overall health, but it will also help you enjoy a better well-being.
Keep all the bad habits in check
There are several bad habits which can have negative impacts, not just on your oral health, but also on your overall health as well as your well being. Some of these habits such as nail biting, chewing ice, grinding your teeth, clenching your jaw, brushing your teeth too hard, eating hard or sticky sweets, smoking, and drinking red wine or coffee, will cause you a lot of issues without your knowledge.
By scheduling regular dental checkups, you allow your dentist to check for any likely damage caused by any of these or other bad habits, which you may otherwise haven’t noticed. Having information about destructive habits gives you an opportunity to change or alter your lifestyle to a healthy one and prevent further damages.
It all starts by scheduling an appointment with a Gilbert dentist.
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