Visiting a dentist in Gilbert makes sense as part of your overall health.

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Oral Health and Your Gilbert Dentist

If you are having problems with your feet, you go to a podiatrist.  People visit a doctor or an urgent care when they have some sort of infection.  But a lot of people completely neglect their oral health, and don’t think of going to a dentist in Gilbert.
Many may not realize the importance of oral health.  Oral health is a window to overall health. Unhealthy teeth and gums if left that way can quickly undermine your general health. The intimate connection between oral and general health is an important reason why people should see the dentist. While many of us only see a dentist when we need to remove a tooth, few know that there are indeed different types of dentists who handle different problems.

Types of Dental Health Practitioners

The accepted description for a dentist is; a medical practitioner who specializes in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of conditions of the mouth and oral cavity. The oral cavity has many parts including the gum, teeth, tongue and lips, therefore giving several specialty areas for dentistry.
· Endodontists specialize in dental pulp and tissue around it so that they are able to perform complicated root canals to remove anomalies. It is their job to remove unhealthy dental pulp and save your teeth from falling off
· Orthodontists cater to issues with teeth alignment, making them the people to see for braces among other orthodontic devices. They work with adults and children as well to improve physical appearance and relieve physical pain caused by misalignment
· Pediatric dentists deal with infants, children and in some cases young teens. Their scope involves provision of preventive treatments, repair of defects and oral exams
· A periodontist concentrates on gum to prevent or treat gum disease but in advanced cases, they perform gum restructuring and dental implant procedures
· Forensic dentists as their name suggests, pursue dentistry to help in the solution of crime. They examine dental structures, records and identify misgivings to provide evidence on a case
· People seeking aesthetic improvement for their teeth or mouth need the services of a cosmetic dentist. It is their specialty to shape, form, and bleach and whiten teeth in for aesthetic reasons.  Ultimately though you want to visit a dentist in Gilbert, AZ for the best reason of all: your health.
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