As a dentist in Gilbert, I often find it puzzling that a lot of people are really good at visiting their doctor for regular physicals, yet will neglect taking care of the their mouth. However, this can lead to a lot of other problems later on.

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Dentist in Gilbert: Good Oral Care

Oral health is not just important to your mouth, but to your overall health in general. Many people do not realize that there is a connection to what is going on in your mouth that can affect the rest of the body. Your mouth, gums, and teeth may also be providing you valuable clues about other health conditions, so it is important to pay attention to the signs. Getting regular dental care and routine checkups is the first step to ensuring that your oral health is what is should be.
Also, the benefit of a self-assured smile cannot be undervalued, and a missing tooth, or teeth, can greatly impact how a person is perceived. It can also affect how we interact with others. In previous years, the only solution was to have a bridge or dentures, both of which have drawbacks. Bridges can damage surrounding teeth over time, and dentures can be uncomfortable.
Therefore, dental care and health care is extra important for a kid as well as an adult. Kids affected by dental problems are less likely to contribute in children’s group play. A debilitating toothache for an adult might result or may disturb his whole day, more than a bad tooth. Dental health is found to be one of the attributes to physical health. So it is time to start on the road to good dental health.  Start by scheduling a dental exam.

Why is Dental Health so Important?

It’s not surprising really. The whole body is connected, but for such a long time people and medicine have thought about the mouth as being a separate part of the body and that dentist’s work in isolation from the rest of the body. That doesn’t make any sense, physiologically or anatomically as the mouth and the teeth are a part of the body connected by a countless of blood vessels as well as sharing the same nervous system, plus all drinks and food enter the body through the mouth.
Reducing a problem in the mouth helps to reduce problems elsewhere in the body.  So start with the mouth.  Visit your dentist in Gilbert today.
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