3 Foolproof Precautions You Can Take to Maintain Excellent Oral Health

Your oral health is essential to your overall health. If your oral health suffers, you put yourself at increased risk of other health problems, including cardiovascular disease. Poor oral health can also lead to a number of dental ailments, including cavities and gum disease. Cavities and gum disease will cause chronic pain, and require dental procedures to stop the pain.

You can minimize these risks and save yourself an expensive trip to the dentist, as well as a lot of hassle, by following some good oral health practices. Here are three things you can do to maintain excellent oral health:

3 Foolproof Precautions You Can Take to Maintain Excellent Oral Health

Practice Good, Daily Oral Hygiene

One of the best things you can do for your oral health is to brush your teeth every day. You should brush your teeth twice a day: Once upon waking and once just before you go to sleep. Electric toothbrushes are well worth the investment in your overall health. They do a more thorough job of removing the plaque bacteria than manual brushes.

Flossing before you brush at night is a great way to make sure any bacteria between the teeth is minimized. This keeps not only tooth decay, but gum disease from becoming a serious problem.

Avoid Harmful Foods

What you eat can not only have an adverse impact on your health, but it can also harm your teeth. You need to avoid sugary and acidic foods that can break down the enamel and cause your teeth to discolor or decay.

Chewy and sticky foods are especially problematic since they can remain on your teeth long after eating. You don’t have to avoid these foods forever, but they should be kept as treats. When you do eat them, you should rinse with water afterwards to clear away the sugar and acid.

Avoid Common Mistakes

You can hurt your teeth by doing things that you think are good for them or through simple lack of understanding. For example, you could end up damaging the enamel on your teeth if you are using a hard bristled toothbrush.

Talk to your dentist in Gilbert about some other common mistakes you may be making that could be hurting your teeth. Your dentist can look at places where your teeth are showing signs of problems and can interview you about your hygiene habits to identify the source of the problem.

Working closely with your dentist will help you develop the right plan of care to protect your oral health and your overall health. You will save a lot of money on trips to the dentist in the long run, as well as on painful procedures to correct damage to your teeth and gums.
Tending to your oral health will also protect your overall health.

While you are taking care of the health of your teeth, you will also be protecting the way they look. You’ll have whiter and stronger teeth for much longer, which will give you a more vibrant and more youthful appearance for years to come.

Gilbert Vista Dental Care can help you get the beautiful and healthy-looking smile you want, no matter how well you have taken care of your oral health in the past.
Maybe you made a lot of mistakes, and now you want to do better at taking care of your teeth and you want to turn back the clock on the damage you’ve done. We offer solutions such as teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, bridges, crowns, and more.

We can straighten your teeth, whiten them, reshape them, and replace severely damaged or missing teeth. Contact us in Gilbert to make an appointment with Dr. Peck, or to learn more about our services.

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