Why You Should Never Ignore A Cracked Tooth

The Importance Of Treating A Cracked Tooth Quickly

Most of us have experienced the discomfort of a cracked tooth at some point in our lives. Cracked teeth can be very painful, and they can also lead to other dental problems downstream. However, it’s important to remember that a cracked tooth isn’t as bad as it seems.

A cracked tooth is simply a sign that your Gilbert dentist needs to work on rebuilding the tooth crown. Usually, this happens when the dentist needs to remove an infected or calculus-filled root canal or when there is excessive wear on the teeth.

But as you can guess, you shouldn’t ignore your cracked tooth. Here are a few reasons why.

A patient with a cracked tooth in Gilbert, AZ

What Is A Shattered Or Cracked Tooth?

A fractured tooth, also known as a cracked tooth or cracked tooth syndrome (CTS), happens when a crack emerges in your teeth. Sometimes the crack will be little and unharmful. Other times, it might cause your tooth to shatter or crack.

Tooth fractures are more common in children and the elderly, although anybody can have a cracked tooth. You should always contact a dentist once you see a fracture in your teeth to avoid worse damage.

What Parts Can Fracture?

Teeth have two parts:

  • The crown: It is above your gums.
  • The root: It is underneath your gums. 

At the same time, both parts consist of different layers: 

  • Enamel: A rough, white exterior.
  • Dentin: The tooth’s middle layer.
  • Pulp: Soft inner tissue that houses nerves and blood vessels.

Since tooth fractures can impact any or all of these levels, you should contact your Gilbert dentist once you see the fracture. The location and degree of the fracture determine the course of treatment for a broken tooth.

What Causes A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth?

Your tooth may chip or break for many reasons. The most common reasons for a chipped or broken tooth are similar and are typically the consequence of trauma, such as:

  • Grinding your teeth
  • Getting punched in the mouth (during sports, for example)
  • Biting down on something tough
  • Large dental fillings or teeth that have been thoroughly filled

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Chipped Teeth

With a cracked tooth, you might experience sharp pain because your nerves are more exposed. Since you use your teeth every day, the crack will gradually grow and enlarge, making it more difficult to bite and talk. Even a small crack may be extremely harmful if you neglect it. 

A cracked tooth can also cut the interior of your mouth, tongue, and other areas. Plus, the tooth is susceptible to infection, and you don’t want to take that risk because it can lead to gum disease or even tooth loss.

We know that many people avoid the Gilbert dentist unless necessary. However, a cracked tooth is an important occasion to visit the dentist as it may worsen over time if left unattended. 

Keep in mind that your cracked tooth may also become more sensitive to pressure from chewing and hot or cold foods. As a result, eating and drinking may be challenging. If you want to avoid that discomfort, don’t leave your cracked teeth unattended. 


A chip or fracture in your tooth may appear tiny at first, but it can develop with time. It’s easier to repair chips and cracks in their early stages than when they’re too advanced. The best course of action is to get dental care as soon as you notice a chip or fracture in your tooth.

Depending on the size of the chip, there are many ways to treat it. Your dentist might polish it if it’s small. For larger chips, dental fillings or a crown may be necessary to restore your tooth’s look and functionality.

Contact A Gilbert Dental Clinic For More Info

As we said before, a cracked tooth shouldn’t be a reason to panic, but you still need to contact a dentist. At Gilbert Vista Dental we’ll be ready to help you out with your cracked tooth and give you the right treatment. Contact us now to schedule an appointment. 

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