Simple Ways To Prepare For Your Braces

Things You Need To Do Before Getting Braces In Arizona

For many people, getting braces was once an uncomfortable symbol of teenage awkwardness that would be immortalized in their high school yearbooks. Teens are always relieved to learn that this isn’t the case anymore! Instead, getting braces from a dentist office has turned into an exciting rite of passage for kids in middle school and includes fun band colors and hashtags on social media. Even better, most students can expect to have their braces removed long before their senior pictures.

Even for adults, the stigma once associated with getting braces has significantly decreased thanks to the many advances in orthodontic technology, such as clear brackets, or alternatives to braces such as Invisalign treatment. With the growing interest in self-care, getting braces at your dental clinic is seen as a positive way to improve oral health and boost confidence and self esteem.

Knowing what to expect from your Gilbert dental clinic before you get your new braces will make the experience so much easier and better. When you finally get your braces off and see your beautiful new smile, you’ll know all the little inconveniences were worthwhile!

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What You Must Know About Getting Your Braces

Know That braces Aren’t Just About The Look Of Your Smile

While many people seek Gilbert dental care because they are unhappy with their crooked teeth, or want their child’s teeth to develop well, keep in mind that braces do more than just help straighten your smile. Braces can improve your bite and jaw alignment, ultimately improving both your oral health and overall general health.

Before You Get Braces Have Any Necessary Dental Work Completed

Before your braces are put on, you’ll need to have a full teeth cleaning and have any other dental work done at your Gilbert dentist office. For some people, this may include having your wisdom teeth removed so that they do not interfere with braces and other orthodontic treatments.

Remember That Your Oral Hygiene Routine Will Be More Important Than Ever

Having braces on your teeth will make brushing a little more challenging than usual, but your dentist will remind you that keeping up with good brushing habits is especially important while you have braces. To make this easier, create a travel pack for while you’re on the go at work or school. Include a toothbrush, travel sized toothpaste, floss for braces, and a proximal brush.

If You’re An Athlete, Get a Mouthguard

Anyone who wears braces and plays sports will need to make sure they use a mouthguard while playing so they can protect the inside of their mouth from contact with their braces. This helps you avoid damage to your mouth or braces.

Braces Are a Big Commitment

Getting your teeth straightened is a big deal for your health and appearance. But braces will require some extra effort from you to make them a success. You’ll need to visit your Gilbert dental clinic every 4 weeks to have adjustments made to your braces, check their condition, and make sure that your treatment is progressing as it should.

You’ll Want To Take a Selfie

You’ll definitely want to have before and after photos so you can remember how you looked before your braces and see how much improvement they give you! Snap a fun selfie before your first dental care appointment. Your Gilbert Dentist will do the same.

Visit a Top Rated Dental Clinic In Gilbert

If you’re unhappy with your crooked teeth, don’t put it off any longer! Make an appointment today with Gilbert Vista Dental Care. We specialize in all types of dentistry services and have successfully straightened many teeth with our orthodontic procedures. Trusted Gilbert dentist Dr. Rita Peck and her team will do an exceptional job working with you to answer your questions and concerns, and are committed to providing the highest quality care. Call Gilbert Vista Dental Care today at (480) 503-5467 to get started on your beautiful new smile.


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