How Can You Find The Best Dentist in Gilbert? (Some Final Thoughts)

Going to a dentist in Gilbert should be an integral component of your health care regimen.  But why is good dental health so very important?

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There’s No Reason To Avoid Your Gilbert Dentist

As we covered previously, in addition to impacting your ability to eat, poor dental health can also lead to a much more serious problem called an abscess. An abscess is essentially your body’s way of trying to contain an infection that it was not able to kill. When an abscess forms pus accumulates in it. Without treatment from your dentist, this abscess will eventually burst, causing the infected pus to spread to other parts of your body. Given the close proximity of your brain to your mouth, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that an abscess can actually threaten your brain with infection, which can prove fatal.
If you care about your teeth, and the health of your mouth and overall body, then you need to make seeing a dentist on a regular basis a priority. A simple dental exam every six months can help to spot small problems now so that they can be fixed before they become much more serious, and expensive, bigger problems. If the main reason you avoid going to the dentist is due to fear, then try to remain rational and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. Once you find a good family dentist that you are comfortable with, you can expect a lot of the anxiety you feel toward the dentist to go away.

A Gilbert Dentist is a Healthcare Professional

People consider visiting dentists to be something completely separate from going to a general practice or specialist, but it isn’t. Your body is comprised of a great many interconnected systems. What can affect your mouth can also affect the rest of your body as well. For example, having gingivitis can increase your risk of heart disease by 30%.  How this happens is a mystery, but one theory is the fact that gingivitis is essentially inflammation, and often where there is inflammation in one part of the body, it is present in other parts as well, because your body gets essentially coded for it.
So remember, going to your dentist is about more than just a great smile.  It is about taking care of yourself.  So what are you waiting for?  Schedule an appointment today with your dentist in Gilbert, AZ.
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