How Can You Find The Best Dentist in Gilbert? (Conclusion)

You want to get over your fear of going to your dentist in Gilbert.  Like all other health problems, if you don’t catch them early, you run the risk of the problem spreading.

Your Dentist in Gilbert Can Help Bring Your Smile Out | (480) 503-5467

Your Dentist in Gilbert Can Help Bring Your Smile Out | (480) 503-5467

Neglecting Dental Problems Can Cause Serious Health Issues

As we covered previously, another risk you face if you wait to see the dentist is that you may end up losing a tooth, or even several teeth. If a tooth is in bad condition it can usually be saved with a root canal and crown, But, this is an expensive treatment that many people can’t afford. That leaves them with option number two, extracting the tooth. When you have a tooth extracted and don’t have an implant put in to replace it, then you are going to be facing quite a few problems. Without a tooth, in the socket, you will end up experiencing bone loss, and missing teeth will affect your ability to eat food. If you neglect your dental care long enough you may end up having to have all of your teeth pulled forcing you to wear dentures.
Many people don’t understand that the health of their teeth and their mouth can impact the overall health of the body. The first way that poor dental health can impact the overall health of your body is it can affect your ability to eat. Anyone that has ever had a bad toothache will tell you that the pain can be unbearable, and it can make it virtually impossible to eat. If you neglected your teeth for a long period of time and lost several of them, this can also make eating difficult, which can rob your body of the calories and vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

Abscess Teeth: Another Reason to Call Your Emergency Dentist in Gilbert

In addition to impacting your ability to eat, poor dental health can also lead to a much more serious problem called an abscess. An abscess tooth is essentially your body’s way of trying to contain an infection that it was not able to kill. When an abscess forms pus accumulates in it. Without treatment from your dentist, this abscess will eventually burst, causing the infected pus to spread to other parts of your body.
So as you see, you have a vested interest in contacting your dentist in Gilbert.
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