Your Gilbert Dentist Calms Your Dental Anxiety

If the simple thought of going to the dentist sends your heart racing and stress levels soaring, you are not alone.  Approximately 10%-20% of the population avoids dental visits because of dental fear.  People often believe that if their teeth are not hurting or bothering them, then routine visits are not necessary.  To further complicate matters, if a person is experiencing tooth pain, he/she may try home remedies and over the counter pain relievers to treat their discomfort instead of having a dental examination.  Unfortunately as is often the case, tooth pain continues to worsen and by the time the patient finally makes a dental appointment, what once was a very minor problem has now become a major issue, further escalating dental anxiety.  Dr. Rita Peck, your Gilbert dentist, has helped many of her patients overcome dental anxiety by providing personalized, trustworthy, exceptional dental care.  Patient comfort and satisfaction are her top priorities.

Your Gilbert Dentist Puts You In Control

“There are many reasons people avoid going to the dentist, which prevents them from optimizing and maintaining their dental health”, explains your Gilbert dentist, Dr. Rita Peck.  A bad experience in the past, not choosing the right dentist, fear of pain, fear of needles and dental instruments in your mouth, dental sounds, sights and smells, feelings of loss of control and worry about the condition of your teeth and gums are all causes of dental anxiety.  Dr. Peck, your Gilbert dentist, ensures that her patients are comfortable and relaxed from the moment they enter her dental practice. Be open and honest:  Discussing your fears and concerns with Dr. Peck can really help manage dental anxiety.
Your Gilbert Dentist also thoroughly explains your diagnosis and treatment and answers all of your questions, ensuring that you understand the condition of your mouth, what needs to be done and why.  During a procedure, Dr. Peck may tell you what is happening at each step as well as what is to come, allowing you to mentally prepare and easing your fear of the unknown.  She will also stop a procedure when you need to rest, continuing on only when you are ready.

Your Gilbert Dentist: Your First Step For A Healthy Mouth

Your overall health includes not only your body but your teeth and gums as well.  Good oral hygiene at home as well as routine check-ups and cleanings are essential for a healthy mouth.  Take control of your dental anxiety by visiting your Gilbert dentist when your teeth and gums feel fine and going to the dentist is your choice, rather than being forced to make an appointment because of dental pain.  Prevention is the key for a healthy mouth.  Your initial visit is the first step in conquering your fear; Dr. Peck and her friendly, caring staff will immediately put you at ease.  Trust between patient and your Gilbert dentist is crucial.  Educate yourself on the importance of dental health and ask questions; knowing what to expect goes a long way in managing fear.  Bring a friend or family member with you for support.  Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises and listening to music may also reduce stress.  Your payoff for overcoming dental anxiety is a healthy mouth and a smile you deserve.