Your Gilbert dental practice offers a wide range of services.  What services? We’re glad you asked.

A Family Dentist in Gilbert Can Help With Preventative Dental Care | (480) 503-5467

A Family Dentist in Gilbert Can Help With Preventative Dental Care | (480) 503-5467

The Services of a Gilbert Dental Practice

Let’s start with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry may involve removals such as enameloplasty and gingivectomy, additions such as porcelain veneers or laminates, and crowns, or some services like teeth whitening and straightening.  Teeth whitening is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry.  In fact it accounts for more than 50% of all cosmetic dental procedures.  But what about simple things like fillings or crowns?
Fillings and crowns are often repair jobs, and serve an additional purpose.  They help to protect tooth enamel, which in turns, helps to protect the nerves and other structures of the tooth.  All procedures, however, start from the same point.

The Importance of a Dental Exam

Before a dentist will recommend anything, there is a comprehensive dental exam.  The dental exam can include X-Rays, a video exam and a simple visual inspection.  During the examination process, the dentist asks a bunch of questions, such as any pain or sensitivity to temperatures?  These can also help the dentist to find any problems that may not be apparent on the X-rays.   A lot of times your dentist can work with you regarding the procedures that are scheduled out.  Which is good as most people don’t want to be in a dentist chair for several hours, and obviously neither does the dentist.  In a lot of cases, the dentist can save any problem teeth and even give you replacement teeth for ones that you’ve lost. Sometimes, though, there is nothing a dentist can do to save a tooth, which means that the only available choice open is a tooth extraction.
Your teeth are not just bone.  They are tissues, and a combination of bone, nerves, and pulpy tissue.  In infection in one of them can lead to infections in the others as well.  How can you avoid this?  By taking care of your mouth.  By simply brushing and flossing your teeth daily, two times minimum for brushing, you reduce your risk for gingivitis and tooth decay which in turn makes visits to the dentist brief.  You want to make it easier on yourself as well as on your dentist.  So remember, you are responsible for taking care of your mouth and your dental practice in Gilbert can only go so far.
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