Visiting your dentist in Gilbert helps you to achieve several goals connected to your oral health.

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Your Dentist in Gilbert Can Help You With Clean Teeth and a Bright Smile

Most people nowadays brush and floss their teeth regularly. Twice a day is recommended. However, this may not be enough to guarantee the sparkling white teeth that all of us desire. Your dentist in Gilbert can advise you on proper ways to effectively brush and floss.
Also, the dentist can advise on products that help in teeth whitening without damaging your teeth or negatively impact your oral health.
Regular dental visits normally consist of two sessions: a dental exam and cleaning. In the dental exam, the dentist will actually be looking into your mouth to inspect your teeth and gums. On the whole, the dentist will be evaluating the following:
– Your oral health and subsequently your general health.
– Checking your jaws and bite for any anomalies.
– The risk of gum and bone disease.
– The risk of tooth decay.
– The risk of root decay.
– Evaluating your need for fluoride, which is very important for oral health. Fluoride helps prevent tooth decay.
– Previous dental procedures such as tooth fillings, root canals and how they are doing.

Dental Exams Check For Signs and Symptoms

In order to evaluate the above factors, the dentist will be looking for symptoms or clues such as:
– Early signs of  cavities.
– Decaying, damaged or missing teeth.
– Puffy red gums, bleeding gums, inflammation which may indicate gum disease. Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and even bone loss for severe cases.
– Blocked salivary glands, mouth ulcers, white lesions, which may be early warning signs of mouth or throat cancer.
– Abnormal cysts or growths in the mouth which may be signs of gum disease or oral cancer.
– Abnormal teeth positioning and spacing which may indicate gum disease or the need for corrective teeth braces.
– Symptoms that one grinds or clenches his/her teeth. This may seem like a minor issue but dentists consider it a very serious condition. Clenching and grinding your teeth can cause sore jaws, headaches, and in severe cases, may lead to loss of teeth or even hearing capability.
We will cover this more in the next part of this article, but for now, know that your dentist isn’t just about a pretty smile.  She is also about keeping you healthy.
So as you see, your dental health should be taken seriously.  If you’re not careful, not taking care of your teeth and gums can lead to other problems.  So stop them before they start.  Call your dentist in Gilbert today.
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