Why should you schedule a dental exam?  Well, in addition to finding dental problems, it can help your dentist to prescribe a method of treatment.  The first part of a dental exam is your dental X-rays.

If You Need a Dental Exam Call Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

If You Need a Dental Exam Call Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

What Problems Can Dental X-Rays Detect?

A dental exam wouldn’t be complete without X-rays.  X-rays are the tool of choice for your dentist in Gilbert.  A dental X-ray can detect decay, not just in the teeth above the gum line but below as well.  It can also help to find cavities that are under fillings, as well as show areas of bone loss.  But aren’t X-rays bad for you?  Excessive X-rays are bad for you, yes.  But there is no need to take X-rays repeatedly and to a level that they can be harmful.  However, the information that X-rays provide far outweighs the risk they pose, which is minimal to say the least.
Dental X-Rays help with restorative surgery such as prepping a patient for braces, dentures or implants.  However, with children, a dental exam can also help with development issues such as crowding, wisdom teeth and more.

How Often Should You Have a Dental Exam?

How often should you have a dental exam?  The answer depends on your medical history as well as your dental records.  Dental exams themselves are on a case by case basis.  As a rule,  however, most people need dental X-Rays every two years, so schedule your dental exams around your X-rays.  If it’s been a while since you’ve been to a dentist, then you want to go in for exams every six months.  You also want to go in for an exam for any symptoms that aren’t clearing up right away such as halitosis.
Good oral care depends entirely on the choices that you make.  You want to brush and floss your teeth every single day to remove odor causing bacteria, as well as the organisms that can cause mouth infections or even gum disease.  You also want to visit your dentist for an annual or semi-annual check up.  And when you go for your dental exam, make sure that you address your concerns with your dentist at that time.  That way  you’re sure you are getting the dental care that you truly need, not a cookie-cutter solution.  That way you know that you’ve found the right dentist in Gilbert, AZ for you and your family.
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