A dentist in Gilbert is a highly trained medical professional who will help you to avoid some dangerous health problems connected to your mouth.

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert and Improve Your Smile| Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert and Improve Your Smile| Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

Prevent Oral Cancer: Be Proactive With Your Dental Health

As we covered previously, the dentist will also do, what is termed, a soft tissue exam. The tongue, cheeks, palate, upper throat, and gum tissues are examined for any problems. Of special concern are smokers, who do have a tendency to have more intra-oral cancers. As well the neck from the collar bone to the chin is examined for any hard lesions. The dentist is looking for cysts, signs of infection and cancers.
An important aspect of a dental exam is to motivate and encourage the patient to take more attention to home preventive care. It is felt that a good habit takes 21 days to achieve. The hygienist and dentist work to reach that part of the patient that registers the need for better home care, if this is required. Not all patients follow through; but, it is a worthwhile and challenging goal for the dental team. The initial exam should always be followed by scheduled examinations. The time frame will be selected depending on the oral health status of the patient and the level of home care motivation, shown. In subsequent exams, progress should be noted. One simple way to compare oral health between visits is what is called a bleeding index. During cleaning bleeding may occur in patients with poor home care. A scale of zero to three is chosen to represent the amount of bleeding. Three sites are chosen on the outer surface of upper teeth and three inner surfaces of lower teeth are selected. If there is bleeding the score is calculated. A person with heavy bleeding in all sites will score a 12, this can be compared at subsequent visits. Low scores are also calculated and the patient is encouraged to maintain this level. This index is not a scientific measure but one that can objectively be repeated and used for motivation and comparison purposes.

What’s New in Dental Exams?

When your dental care demands are a total examination and also cleaning, a full-mouth restoration, or anything in between, dental practitioners assure to supply you with outstanding care as they enhance the natural beauty of your smile. Using a gentle touch, we can give you amazing outcomes. Your happiness is our primary priority, and we will provide you with something to smile about.
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