When was your last dental exam?  Has it been a while?  If so, you might want to schedule one as soon as possible.

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert | Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert | Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

What a Dental Exam Can Catch

A lot of people think that all a dental exam can catch is cavities, but that’s not all it does.  For example, a dental exam can determine if you need to have a good teeth cleaning.  Plaque builds up on your teeth and worse, under your gum line. This plaque is heavily laden with bacteria and they are constantly attacking and eating away at the enamel of your teeth, which causes tooth decay.
How often should you clean your teeth?  You should brush your teeth at least once a day, and brush and floss your teeth once a day as well.  In addition to this, you want to go for a teeth cleaning twice a year to remove any plaque and tartar build up.
A dental exam is the starting point.  Teeth cleaning is important, but if you schedule a dental exam, you might end up finding that you are preventing problems proactively.  For example there is the ever present threat of gingivitis and oral cancer.

I Have Gingivitis, So What?

I have gingivitis, so what?  Bleeding gums are annoying, but hardly life threatening, right? Wrong.  First off, the fact that your gums are bleeding means that they are infected, and that means your body has to dedicate resources to fight the infection.  In addition, since there are essentially open wounds in your mouth, you are more vulnerable to other infections.  In addition, there have been several studies linking gingivitis to other health problems such as hypertension, heart disease and autoimmune disorders.  And gingivitis is a minor disease.  There are certain forms of oral cancer, for example that can spread to your throat and other parts of your body.  In addition, your body’s symptoms are often interconnected.  So you could have a sore in your mouth, think it is merely a canker sore and that it’s time to replace your toothbrush, and find out from another diagnosis later that you have leukemia.
With problems in life, pretending that they’re not there is never a good way to live.  You have to be proactive about your problems, and address them as soon as possible, otherwise they can overwhelm you.  With health problems, a relatively minor issue can escalate to the point that it is an out of control problem.  Will a dental exam find all of your health problems?  Not at all.  Obviously if you have osteoarthritis, a mere dental exam won’t detect that.
However, with that said, don’t neglect any portion of your health.  Schedule a dental exam today.
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