What Happens If You Don’t Remove An Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Understanding The Importance Of Extracting Your Impacted Wisdom Tooth

We all know that medical procedures can be painful sometimes. But would you ever let your wisdom teeth stay in your mouth – even when they start growing abnormally and it starts to hurt? Well, many people let this happen and it leads to dire consequences. 

When you have an impacted wisdom tooth, you need to make sure that it is removed immediately. Many things can happen if you do not take care of your wisdom tooth, so be sure to read the following information and contact a Gilbert dentist ASAP. 

Understanding The Importance Of Extracting Your Impacted Wisdom Tooth In Gilbert, AZ

What Is An Impacted Tooth?

In dental terms, an “impacted” tooth means a tooth that has not come in when expected or cannot come in because it does not have space. Many things can cause an impacted tooth, so it is kind of unpredictable. 

In the case of impacted wisdom teeth, these are third molars that don’t have enough space to emerge. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to come when you’re an adult, but sometimes these teeth have issues when developing. 

Impacted wisdom teeth can be painful, and they can damage other teeth. In some cases, these teeth do not cause an apparent problem, but it’s still important to check them out to avoid gum disease or other dental problems in the long term.

How Do I Know If I Have Wisdom Teeth?

As mentioned before, wisdom teeth are the last remaining permanent teeth to come in. They usually erupt around the age of 18-20, but they can remain dormant, or sometimes never appear. Sometimes they can even grow perfectly without damaging other teeth.

The only way to know if you have wisdom teeth is by checking your teeth regularly, especially with a Gilbert dentist. You should be alert to certain symptoms like tender gums, jaw pain, and difficulty opening your mouth. Nonetheless, remember that sometimes they do not cause pain or discomfort.

If you feel any discomfort, stay alert as it could be a sign of an impacted wisdom tooth. 

What Are The Symptoms Of An Impacted Tooth?

Wisdom teeth don’t always cause symptoms, but when they do, they can affect your lifestyle. When an impacted wisdom tooth becomes infected, damages other teeth, or causes other dental issues, you may feel these symptoms:

  • Tender or bleeding gums
  • Several jaw pain
  • Swelling around your jaw
  • Foul mouth odor
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Difficulty opening the mouth 

If you had any orthodontic treatment before, you have to be even more alert to these symptoms, as affected wisdom teeth could ruin the treatment. Hence the importance of not forgetting to check your teeth regularly. 

What Are The Problems Caused By Not Extracting An Impacted Tooth?

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause issues in the mouth if not taken care of properly. They are usually a cause to visit a Gilbert dental clinic as soon as you can. 

Some of the problems impacted wisdom teeth can cause are:

  • Damaging other teeth. Most impacted wisdom teeth push against the second molar, which increases the risk of infection in the area. It can also affect other teeth and ruin your smile, leading to an orthodontic treatment to straighten the teeth.
  • Cysts. Wisdom teeth develop in a sac within the jawbone, and this sac can fill with fluid, forming a cyst. This cyst can damage your nerves and teeth, and in rare cases, it can lead to a noncancerous tumor. 
  • Teeth Decay. Since impacted wisdom teeth are harder to clean, they are at a higher risk of tooth decay. 
  • Gum Disease. In addition to being at a higher risk of decay, they also increase the risk of gum diseases, and for the same reason: they are very difficult to clean. 

When To Contact A Gilbert Dentist?

You should take action to make sure your wisdom teeth don’t cause you problems. That’s why you should see a dentist if you feel any symptoms in the area behind your last molar, especially pain or swollen gums. 

Feel free to contact Gilbert Vista Dental Care if you feel any discomfort with your teeth. We offer many dental services, including veneers, clear braces, cleanings, sealants, root canal, extraction, dentures, and many more. Call us now to talk about your best options. 

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