As we covered previously, before choosing a particular dental-related treatment, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. Your dentist can take you through a dental exam to determine if a treatment such as wearing traditional braces is appropriate.

A Dentist in Gilbert Can Help With Many Oral Problems | (480) 503-5467

A Dentist in Gilbert Can Help With Many Oral Problems | (480) 503-5467

A Dentist in Gilbert Can Check for Signs of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer occurs when a malignant growth begins to form in the mouth region; be it the throat, lips or tongue. This disease manifests itself in an array of ways, and without identifying its signs, it can progress rapidly. However, if it is diagnosed early, it can be treated. A dentist is trained to recognize the signs and symptoms associated with oral cancer. It means that regular dental checkups are of essence to oral cancer and other dental problems in their initial stages. Usually, the dentist will take you through a VELscope Cancer exam. This test is noninvasive, painless and lasts for only a short time. The cancer screening helps to pinpoint any abnormalities in the oral tissues.

Additional Checks Performed During a Dental Exam

Besides examining your mouth, gums, and tongue, a dentist also checks the neck region, and the lymph nodes found below the jaw line. If an anomaly is found on any of these areas, additional tests will be conducted to determine the cause. Alternatively, the dentist may refer you to the appropriate health professional.
For many, swollen lymph nodes are not an unusual situation as they do not cause any pain. In rare cases, however, they may be an indication of cancer or other grave problems that call for immediate attention. Scheduling a dentist appointment represents one way of keeping your neck and thyroid glands in check.
The role of dentists and dental specialists is not limited to fixing teeth. They provide professional teeth cleaning services and check for abnormalities in oral tissues, gums and other regions such as the neck and lymph nodes. Dentists also help you choose the right dental plans and treatments. They will help you adjust your lifestyle and adopt habits that boost your dental health. Moreover, if you are experiencing persistent bad breath, a dentist can identify the cause and advice on the best remedies.
As such, you ought not to skip any of your dental appointments. If you have not had a dental checkup for a long time, it is time you schedule one. Through dental checkups, life-threatening dental conditions such as oral cancer can be identified early enough for treatment.
So, be smart.  Call your Gilbert dentist today.
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