The Bigger Role Missing Teeth Can Play On Your Health

Our Gilbert Dentists Explain The Serious Health & Lifestyle Consequences A Missing Tooth Can Cause

Imagine being unable to eat your favorite foods – maybe a perfectly grilled steak or a crisp apple – because you are missing one or more teeth. Or perhaps your smile with missing teeth is affecting your confidence and keeping you from landing your dream job or asking out the perfect date. Unfortunately, problems like these affect more adults than you might realize. The American Dental Association indicates that the average adult between 20 and 64 years old has three or more teeth that are either missing or decaying and in need of removal. While some people may not want to deal with going to the dentist, it’s important to pay a visit to your Gilbert dental clinic to see how they can help fix your smile. Missing teeth can be the cause of serious health and lifestyle consequences if they are ignored.

Generally, missing teeth are caused by trauma (such as a car accident or sports injury), tooth decay, poor nutrition, or gum disease. While a missing tooth may seem like a mainly cosmetic issue that people learn to live with, it’s really so much more. Missing teeth can result in significant physical and psychological problems. Your Gilbert dentist can help you with these problems, which may include the following:

The Bigger Role Missing Teeth Can Play On Your Health

Difficulty Chewing

A fairly obvious issue with one or more missing teeth is that you will have a hard time chewing your food. This can range from inconvenience to discomfort to pain, all of which can be alleviated by Gilbert dental care. When chewing difficulty is severe, a person may avoid a number of different foods, causing them either social complications, unwanted weight loss from reduced eating, or even malnourishment.

Teeth Shifting

Missing teeth result in extra room in your mouth, causing your other teeth to shift around. Over time, you may see your other teeth crowding each other or creating new gaps. This leads to long term problems such as bite misalignment and jaw pain. Also, the gaps and shifts can create new areas of tooth decay that are painful and difficult to reach, requiring additional visits to a Gilbert dental office for cleaning, repairs, and extractions.

Speech Problems

An embarrassing potential side effect of missing teeth seen by Gilbert dental care is speech problems. This can diminish your confidence and cost you lost opportunities.

Bone Loss & Premature Aging

A more severe issue associated with missing teeth is bone loss in your jaw and face. This happens when tissue in your mouth atrophies, or becomes weakened, causing pain and even changing your facial structure. Without teeth to hold the skin around your mouth in place, your facial skin can also start to sag. Most of the time, this bone loss or sagging skin creates an appearance of premature aging as the face shrinks inward. A visit to a Gilbert dentist to repair your missing teeth can help you stay looking young and vibrant!

Mental Health Struggles

In this study, the International and American Associations for Dental Research found a correlation between missing teeth and both depression and anxiety. Your Gilbert dentist office can be part of the key to your mental wellness.

Reduced Confidence

Let Gilbert dental care build your confidence and help you reap the rewards that it brings! According to these surveys, the American Dental Association found that 38% of young adults felt that life was overall less satisfying due to the condition of their mouth and teeth. In the same surveys, up to 28% of people felt that the appearance of their mouth or teeth affected their ability to interview for employment.

Solutions for Missing Teeth

Don’t let missing teeth cause you pain, embarrassment, avoidance of smiling, or difficulty getting a job. There are many solutions to missing teeth. Seeing your friendly Gilbert dental clinic is the first step in restoring your health and confidence.

Some of the answers to missing teeth from your Gilbert dentist include:

Dental Implants are a great option for many people. They can replace a single tooth, a full set of teeth, or anywhere in between. Implants are long lasting. Even better, they are especially made to look, feel, and work like real teeth.
Bridges, which are supported by surrounding teeth. They may be an option when just one or two teeth are missing. They don’t last as long as implants and will need occasional replacement.

Dentures, which are normally considered a last resort when implants are not the best options. Dentures can be uncomfortable and may still cause bone atrophy with its associated early aging.

Your Gilbert dental clinic is happy to work with you to determine the best repair option for your missing teeth, and create a long term care plan to prevent more damage. Don’t force yourself to live any longer with the physical and emotional pain of missing teeth!

Gilbert Vista Dental Care specializes in all types of dentistry services, and will do an exceptional job working with you to repair your missing teeth. Dr. Rita Peck is a trusted Gilbert dentist who is committed to providing the highest quality of care. Contact us today at (480) 503-5467 to start making your way toward a perfect smile.


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