If you’ve been diagnosed with gingivitis, you probably have a lot of questions.  First off, why is gingivitis so serious?  Isn’t it just bleeding gums?

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Important Gingivitis Info from Your Dentist in Gilbert

As your dentist in Gilbert, we feel it is our duty to educate our patients as well as the public on the whole.   Gingivitis is one of the most common dental problems around.  Why is gingivitis so serious?  Well, gingivitis is an inflammation of the gum tissue, and it is a direct result of bacteria under the gumline.  Since you have inflammation in one part of your body, your immune system has to dedicate antibodies to try and fight it, which means that you can be more susceptible to other forms of infection.  In addition, patients with gingivitis are more likely to develop hypertension and heart disease.
As a result, you want to make sure that you get gingivitis treated immediately and not “when you get around to it.”  Another question we get a lot is: “Isn’t it just bleeding gums?” As we covered above, it is also inflammation of your gums.  In addition to the overall effect it can have on your health,  it can also cause you to lose your teeth in the long run.  With that said, how can you tell if you have gingivitis?

Gingivitis Symptoms

First off, when you brush your teeth, are there traces of red on the brush, or when you spit out?  Open your mouth and look at your gums.  Are your gums pink with no swelling?  If so, great! You have healthy gums.  If not, and you see swelling or red, you have gingivitis.  How can you treat gingivitis?  First off, your dentist will most likely recommend teeth cleaning.  This will help to remove the plaque on your teeth and more importantly below the gumline.  If you have a bad case of it, your dentist will likely recommend a prescription mouthwash to clear it up.  The easiest way to treat gingivitis, however, is to be proactive about your oral health.  Brush once in the morning and brush AND floss in the evening.
So remember, gingivitis isn’t just bleeding gums.  It can be a warning that you may have other serious health problems as well.  If you think you may have it, get into a Gilbert dentist as soon as you can both for the health of your mouth, and your overall health as well.
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