Straighten Teeth With Clear Braces

clear bracesIf metal brackets and wires are holding you back from straightening your teeth, Dr. Rita Peck, your friendly Gilbert dentist, offers clear braces, the latest technique to straighten teeth without brackets and wires.  A great first impression, soaring self-confidence and improved quality of life can be achieved with a beautiful smile.

 Clear Braces Fit Your Lifestyle

Patients have different options when it comes to orthodontic treatment.  For adults who want to straighten teeth discretely, with minimal interference in their busy lives, clear braces are an ideal choice.  The clear braces system is very simple; a series of clear trays, also known as aligners, are worn at one-month intervals, gently shifting teeth into place.  Clear braces are nearly invisible while worn and are easily removed for eating, brushing and flossing.  There is no gum or tissue irritation that often occurs with metal braces.  Clear braces are ideal for moderate crowding or spacing as well as orthodontic relapse from adolescence.  Results will depend on each patient and individual case.  Dr. Peck, your Gilbert dentist, creates your treatment plan based on her diagnosis and your goals.  One of Dr. Peck’s most recent orthodontic patients shared her amazing results with us.  “I love my new smile, and my teeth are much easier to keep clean!”

Clear Braces and Teeth Whitening For a Youthful, Bright Smile

A wonderful enhancement to straightening your teeth with clear braces is to whiten your teeth, which can substantially improve the brightness and whiteness of your smile.  Teeth whitening removes the stains from smoking, certain food and beverages, medications or poor oral hygiene.  Teeth also tend to darken with age as enamel is worn down over time.  Teeth whitening is perhaps the most common cosmetic procedure and is very easy to do.  Simply dispense a small amount of whitening gel in your aligners or custom whitening trays and wear for 30 to 60 minutes a day for two weeks.  Whitening gels contain carbamide peroxide, which bleaches tooth enamel.  Individual results may vary, but most patients can expect whitening of two to seven shades lighter.  Periodic touch-ups will maintain your results.  Dr. Peck offers special whitening gel for patients concerned about tooth and gum sensitivity.
Clear braces and teeth whitening are two options that can dramatically improve your smile.  Call Dr. Rita Peck (480) 503-5467 or stop by our office, Gilbert Vista Dental Care to see how these procedures can help you achieve the smile you deserve.