Is it time to visit a dentist in Gilbert?  The answer is yes.

Why You Should Schedule a Visit to the Dentist Before You Have To

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Call Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

Let’s face it.  No one wants to go to the dentist.  Going to any doctor is never high on anyone’s  fun list. Usually most people go to a dentist when they’re in pain.  At that point, you are probably too late.  That’s why you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible, before you have any symptoms, particularly if it has been awhile.  Why?  Well, did you know in a few cases, dental infections can be potentially fatal?
If you don’t visit a dentist, you could find an abscess forming near a tooth going bad.  This is a sign of an infection.  There are only a few millimeters separating your mouth from your brain.  Infections can easily spread through your sinuses, and cause bone loss, ultimately, they can penetrate your brain.  It is partly due to the nature of your teeth.

Dental Health Starts With a Dental Exam

Your teeth are not merely bone.  They are a combination of fleshy pulp, nerves, and a very thin coating of bone and enamel.  When a cavity forms, it is the first step of a potentially serious infection.  A cavity means there is a hole in the enamel that is starting to penetrate into the bone.  The longer the cavity goes, the more likely it is that your tooth will become infected.  Then you are facing a lot of dental pain.
Now consider this if you will.  You go to a dental exam, and your doctor tells you that you have a cavity.  You begin treatment for it, get a filling or a crown, and voila, no more danger.  If you wait until you start feeling tooth pain, that means that the cavity has hit the nerve.  Since the signals from your dental nerves don’t have as far to travel, the pain from a tooth going bad can soon become excruciating.  If you’ve never experienced mouth pain, picture someone stabbing a red hot needle into your mouth and feeling it all the way up your cheek.
Then, what would have been a brief procedure turns into a tooth extraction or a root canal. And neither of these procedures are high on anyone’s fun list. As a dentist in Gilbert, I can tell you they’re not much fun for me either.
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