How Safe is Teeth Whitening at a Gilbert Dentist Office?

So many things can cause your smile to dull or to even take on a lovely shade of yellow, brown, or somewhere in between. Smoking, drinking tea or coffee, and even poor dental hygiene can cause your teeth to discolor, which can diminish the beauty of your smile and make you feel more self-conscious about your appearance.

Teeth whitening can restore your naturally brilliant smile, or it can lighten the stains significantly. The results depend on how severely stained your teeth are. However, most patients are amazed at the results they get.

Despite the benefits of teeth whitening for your smile and your appearance, you may be concerned about the safety of the procedure. Here’s what you need to know:

How Safe is Teeth Whitening at a Gilbert Dentist Office?

Dental Treatment vs. At-Home Treatment

There are a number of over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments you can buy to use at home. These are similar to the gels that a dentist would use for teeth whitening, but they will have a lower concentration of bleach and will, therefore, be less effective. There is also more sensitivity associated with over-the-counter teeth whitening, due to the non-custom way in which the gel is dispersed onto your teeth.

Even though in office dental whitening gels have a higher concentration of bleach, they are applied by dentists and other dental professionals who have the training to apply them appropriately. They are safe for your health, and safe for your teeth under the application of a professional.


Teeth whitening is generally very safe, but as in all things, there are some exceptions. The treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant or who are nursing. However, you can consult with your obstetrician or doctor to discuss your desire to have teeth whitening and to find out the potential risks. Your doctor may give you the go ahead to get the treatment, depending on your overall health and personal circumstances.

You should also reveal any health conditions you have to your Gilbert dentist before getting teeth whitening. It is possible that there could be some risks for certain kinds of health conditions, or that there could be some potential for an adverse reaction if you are taking a certain kind of medication. You can’t be too safe, so it’s important that you discuss all medications you take and health conditions you have before you get any dental treatment.

Options for Teeth Sensitivity

If you have sensitive teeth, a whitening procedure could make them more sensitive or could prove painful. Therefore, you may want to talk to your Gilbert dentist about alternative whitening options that will not aggravate your tooth sensitivity. You want to get a more brilliant smile – you don’t want to deal with ongoing pain and discomfort.

Not only should your dentist have some alternatives for teeth whitening that will minimize your risk of increased sensitivity, but they should also have some solutions for managing your tooth sensitivity, such as special toothpastes and medications. Have an open conversation with your dentist about your concerns and the potential solutions.

Good dental hygiene and healthy habits can protect your smile and keep it looking white and fresh for a long time. But age and bad habits can conspire against your smile, making it look duller and even staining it. Teeth whitening treatments can make you look younger and more vibrant, and they are safe for almost all people. If you have any concerns whatsoever, you should discuss them with your Gilbert dentist. They can give you information that will alleviate your concerns, and they can also develop a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

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