Your Gilbert dentist wishes you and yours a Happy Valentine’s Day.  Do you know what is the best present you can give to someone that you love?  I’ll give you a clue.  It’s not flowers, chocolates, or jewelry.  It’s not expensive lingerie either.  It is your smile.

Why Does a Smile Matter?

Happy Valentine's Day from Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

Happy Valentine’s Day from Your Gilbert Dentist | (480) 503-5467

As a dental practice, we know that a smile is one of the best ways of communicating that we have.  We can express so many emotions with our smiles.  The smile that is the most powerful, however, is a smile that goes up to the eyes so that someone’s face lights up.  Namely the smile of love.  A loving smile is incredibly contagious.  Even the sternest person can find themselves grinning like a fool in response to the so called look of love.
If you don’t feel good about your smile, how can you give it to someone you love with it? So, that’s where a dental practice comes in. We can correct crooked teeth, or give you a nice teeth whitening.

Valentine’s Day and Visiting a Dentist

So remember, flowers die, and lingerie wears out.  Good jewelry is expensive.  Chocolate, while delicious means you’re probably going to have to exercise to keep the weight off. However, with the help of your dental practice in Gilbert, you can get your smile from
so-so to stunning in just a few sessions.
Everyone deserves love and affection.  Love is the most powerful of emotions there is, and the love for another person leads to a happier, and more fulfilling life.  We can’t tell you how or where to meet that special someone, nor can we give you the perfect opening line.  As a dental practice, however, we can help you with something that is universally accepted as part of love and affection: your smile.
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