Dr. Rita Is Your Child’s Friendly Gilbert Dentist

Gilbert dentist Dr. Rita Peck, your Gilbert dentist, focuses on education and prevention when it comes to her youngest patients.  Regular dental checkups and cleanings are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums.  Your child’s very first dental visit is especially significant:  new sights, sounds, smells, people and curiosity all factor into a smooth and successful introduction to our dental office.  Rest assured:  your child will enjoy a happy, relaxed and comfortable first visit (and every visit!) with Dr. Rita Peck, your Gilbert dentist.  A positive, trusting, long-term relationship between your child and Dr. Peck establishes healthy oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime.  Parents/caregivers often have questions regarding dental care for their child:  When do baby teeth erupt?  When do permanent teeth erupt?  Is it necessary to treat baby teeth?  At what age should my child start having dental visits?

Your Gilbert Dentist Promotes Your Child’s Dental Health

Primary teeth (baby teeth) begin erupting around 6 months of age; usually by age 3, most if not all 20 primary teeth are visible in the mouth.  Maintaining healthy baby teeth and preventing tooth decay (cavities) is crucial:  Primary teeth allow proper chewing and speech development, they provide overall confidence and self-esteem, and they maintain space for the larger permanent teeth to erupt.  Around the age of 6, primary teeth begin to fall out and are replaced with permanent teeth.  With the exception of the wisdom teeth which are the third set of molars located at the very back of the mouth, usually all 28 permanent teeth are present in the mouth around age 12.  Wisdom teeth may erupt between the ages of 17 and 21, or they may not erupt and remain impacted in the gum tissue.  Baby teeth should be cleaned as soon as they erupt.  Your Gilbert dentist, Dr. Rita Peck, encourages parents/caregivers to use an infant toothbrush, soaked in warm water, to brush their child’s teeth to remove plaque and bacteria.  If plaque is not removed from teeth, eventually it will cause decay.  On a very young child, Dr. Peck suggests wrapping a warm, wet washcloth around your index finger to gently cleanse teeth and gums.  It is not necessary to use toothpaste; as long as the toothbrush/washcloth makes contact with the teeth, some plaque and bacteria are being removed.

Your Child Visits Your Gilbert Dentist 

The Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association recommend a child have their first dental visit by their first birthday or within 6 months after their first tooth erupts.  Your Gilbert Dentist Dr. Peck suggests parents/caregivers bring their child in for their first visit around 18 months of age.  The main goal of this happy, relaxed visit is for your child to feel comfortable and at ease in our office.  Pleasant early dental experiences lead to pleasant dental experiences later on and easier visits if treatment is necessary.  Dr. Peck will gently examine and clean your child’s teeth and gums.  She will evaluate his/her oral and facial development as well as any habits that may affect the teeth.  Your friendly Gilbert dentist will instruct parents /caregivers on preventive techniques such as brushing, flossing and nutrition.  Early education supports parents/caregivers in helping them teach their child the importance of taking care of their teeth.  Young children need to be taught how to properly brush and floss and will need their parents’/caregivers’ help to make sure they are being effective.  Other topics of discussion may include teething, fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth and prevent decay, sealants (a special coating applied to teeth, especially the chewing surfaces of molars, to protect from decay), and treating decayed teeth.  Your Gilbert dentist Dr. Peck encourages parents/caregivers to ask questions and share their concerns.  We look forward meeting your child, answering your questions and calming your concerns.  Your child deserves a healthy smile!