As  a dentist in Gilbert, I’m often asked: “How important is good oral hygiene?” Well, very important.

Why You Need Good Oral Hygiene

We are your dental practice in Gilbert | (480) 503-5467

We are your dental practice in Gilbert | (480) 503-5467

It isn’t just for your continued health that you need good oral hygiene.  You also need it for everyday interactions.  Do you want an example?  Ok, let’s say that you are riding the light rail into Phoenix.
It’s a fairly busy day, so you are hanging on a strap instead of sitting down.  Someone stands next to you,and politely says hello.  In a moment, you turn four shades of green because of his breath.  Don’t be too hard on him and insist that he take a breath mint.  He might not even be aware that he has halitosis.  Avoiding this sort of situation is really easy, however, if one follows good oral hygiene practices.
The first part of good oral hygiene is brushing your teeth.  Brush your teeth at least once a day, preferably twice.  If you really want to put a point to, maybe even after every meal. Why so much meticulous detail to keeping your mouth clean?

Teeth Cleaning Tips From Your Dentist in Gilbert

From the moment you rinse out your mouth, within a few seconds bacteria start to form.  Our mouths are one of the biggest sources of germs around.  And it is a constant cycle.  What we eat or drink affects our breath, just as how often we brush and floss our teeth.
Is flossing really necessary anymore though?  Yes.  There have been a few dubious claims that flossing is a waste of time, these claims haven’t been verified by any credible sources.  While flossing alone isn’t enough, it is a good addition to brushing your teeth.  But how do you brush your teeth?
First off, be gentle with your gums.  Don’t brush too hard.  You want to make sure that when you brush your teeth you get the biting surfaces, the flats, the backs and make sure that you brush at your gumline.  Before you rinse with mouthwash, that’s when you should probably floss.  Sooner or later you will want to arrange a professional teeth cleaning at your dentist.
As to what type of toothbrush to pick, let me let you in on an industry secret.  All of the flashy toothbrushes you see at the store don’t really matter.  What does matter is that you brush your teeth thoroughly, floss your teeth, and then rinse out with antiseptic mouthwash.  However, that is only one part of oral hygiene.  You also want to schedule an appointment with your Gilbert dentist.
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