If you need to have a root canal done, you’re probably scared of the idea. We don’t blame you, however, endodontics is a necessary procedure.

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Endodontics in Gilbert: Stopping Dental Deterioration

What is endodontics? Endodontics, or as it is more commonly known a root canal, is a surgical procedure that removes the nerves from the roots of a tooth. It is the last effort to save an infected tooth. Infected teeth need to be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise it can lead to an abscess, or bone loss in the jaw.
During a dental exam, an abscess shows up as a dark spot near the apex of a root. An abscess can be painful and can even lead to death if untreated. You may need a root canal if you exhibit these signs and symptoms:
Lingering toothache pain that is moderate to severe when drinking hot or cold liquids or foods.
Experiencing moderate to severe pain when biting
Pressure or tapping on the tooth causes sensitivity
A toothache that can wake you up
A pus or blood producing pimple on your gum
Pain that radiates from one area of the mouth to another

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Does a root canal hurt? We get asked that a lot. A root canal should not hurt. During the surgical procedure, the area is anesthetized. You will feel a bit of pressure, but you shouldn’t feel pain. If you do, let your dentist know immediately as it could mean that you need more anesthetic, or that the anesthetic might not have taken effect yet.
After your surgery, however, you will experience some pain for a few days, but unless there is a compelling medical reason not to, your dentist in Gilbert will likely prescribe you some pain medication. You want to make sure that you follow the post surgery care instructions. While instructions can vary, here are some general guidelines to follow.
Don’t chew anything until after your anesthetic has worn off, as you don’t want to bite either your tongue or your cheek. You want to also be careful chewing with the affected tooth for a while, until it has been properly restored by your dentist. Contact your dentist in Gilbert immediately if you develop any of the following symptoms:
Visible swelling around your mouth
Your bite feels uneven
If your symptoms return, or there is an allergic reaction to your medication.
Having to go through a root canal is never on anyone’s ‘fun list.’ However, with the help of your dentist in Gilbert, we can get you through it.
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