Your dentist knows about a lot more than just teeth.  Sometimes, the problem is with the nerves…

Nerve Injuries and a Pain-Free Dentist

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Human beings are truly amazing organisms.  Did you know that there are over seven trillion nerve endings in the human body?  These nerves are basically communication devices between your brain and the rest of your body, and they can both send and receive information back and forth.  The nerves in your mouth however,  are a lot faster because of the twelve cranial nerves.  As part of the training a Gilbert dentist receives, these nerves are of particular concern because of the potential for nerve damage, as this article excerpt shows:  Although uncommon, injury to the mandibular (lower jaw) nerve may result in anesthesia (numbness), paresthesia (tingling), dysesthesia (pain and burning), or a combination of these symptoms on one side of the face. If the entire nerve is affected, the symptoms may mimic the effects of partial or complete numbness following a dental injection of local anesthetic, including the tongue and lower lip. The condition is sometimes confined only to the lingual nerve, the branch of the mandibular nerve that provides sensation to the tongue. Dental nerve injuries are usually the result of trauma, although infections and neoplasm’s (tumors) may be implicated. External traumatic injuries, unless severe, do not commonly cause dental nerve damage due to the thick, dense protection of the lower jaw bone. [READ MORE] We take the safety of our patients very seriously, and that’s why we are a pain-free dentist.  Enough can go wrong with nerves due to injury and illness, you don’t need someone to add to it.   And if you are starting to experience dental pain, the sooner you can get in the better.

Dental Pain and Why You Should Get Into a Gilbert Dentist

Certain pains in our body we adapt to.  Dental pain however, is not one that should be ignored.  Sometimes, pain in and around your teeth could be a precursor to a great many problems, such as gingivitis, or an infection that is penetrating into a cranial nerve. We are a lot more fragile than people think.  If untreated, an infected nerve can actually cause brain damage or even death.
These dangers are reason enough to schedule an appointment with a pain-free dentist.
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