Hello from your dentist in Gilbert.  In our last article we explored dental myths.  Here are even more of them.

More Dental Myths Debunked by Your Friendly Dentist in Gilbert

Proper dental care is something to strive forMyth: If I have white teeth, they’re obviously healthy.
Fact: As any dentist knows, this one trips people up a lot. Like people equate a tan with beauty and health, white teeth are not necessarily healthier. We may think they look better, but natural teeth are not pure white. While white teeth do look nice, sometimes people undergo risky procedures to get them.  You can keep your teeth as white as possible if you just brush regularly with a fluoride toothpaste and if you floss regularly as well. If you want white teeth you may have to give up or reduce some parts of your diet, and  it also means steering clear of drinks that have been proven to stain teeth such as tea, coffee, and red wine.
Myth:  There’s no need to brush my teeth if I have fluoridated water.
Fact: First off, not all water sources in the US are fluoridated. You have to check with your local water provider to see if you do have fluoride in your water. Second, while fluoride can lead to improved dental health, it is not a substitute to proper oral care and a visit to the dentist every now and then.

Dental Care Myth: The Wrap Up

Myth: If you have bad breath its because you don’t brush your teeth
Fact: Halitosis or bad breath is caused by a lot of factors including improper dental care, of which not brushing is only a part of it. In fact 90% of halitosis caused by bad oral hygiene. Of course, it isn’t just brushing and flossing. You have to eat and drink healthy as well.
Well, we hope that this has cleared up any confusion about your teeth. When you’re in doubt, don’t rely just on conventional wisdom. Instead, call a Gilbert dentist.
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