Part one of a series on dental pain explores why you have to get into a dentist as soon as possible when you are experiencing any sort of mouth pain.

How Dangerous is Dental Pain?

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You’d be surprised how often people put off going to see a dentist.  Oftentimes, we see patients that are almost screaming in agony.  Dental pain is much more serious than mere discomfort, however.  For example did you know that because the distance that pain impulses have to travel is shorter the pain you could be experiencing is more intense than just stubbing a toe for example.
As the body deals with pain, toxins are eventually released into the bloodstream.  These toxins start impacting all other systems in your body and lead to overall poorer health. However, there is a more immediate reason why you need to get into see a family dentist if you’re experiencing mouth pain.  For one, pain is often caused by an infected nerve.  If the infection spreads from a broken tooth, it can go straight to a patient’s brain and even be fatal.

Really? Can a Toothache Be Fatal?

A toothache can be fatal, so yes, absolutely.  When any part of your body is in pain, the tissue is inflamed.  If you have a heart condition or any other health problems, agonizing pain can be a trigger that causes you to have a coronary attack.  As problems with your teeth only get progressively worse, you want to get into a dentist as soon as you possibly can.
If you don’t get into a dentist, what starts out as a simple cavity can end up a root canal.  So remember, be proactive where your health is concerned.  Watch what you eat and exercise.  Reduce your stress and anxiety levels.  And if you are having dental pain, get into a family dentist immediately.
This concludes part one of our series.  Be sure to read part two as well.
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