Working together with your dental care center or other dental care practitioner will allow you to avoid ondontophobia, or the fear of going to dentists. A lot of people suffer silently from this common phobia.

Ondontophobia and Your Dental Care Provider

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Let’s face it, most people don’t like going to see a dentist. Some patients, however, have a much deeper aversion to dental visits. This is what is known as ondontophobia. Odontophobia, or dental anxiety is a fear of going to a dental practitioner, and it isa fairly common phobia. Dental anxiety is the reason why plenty of people avoid routine appointments with their dentist, and it exhibits itself at three different levels of severity: mild level dental anxiety, moderate level ondontophobia, and openly phobic.
Mild ondontophobia generally doesn’t stop people from visiting their dentist, however, they will often put off dental appointments or even cancel appointments without justification. A patient suffering from mild ondontophobia however, can usually overcome anxiety in light of a dental care need such as getting a cavity filled or a tooth pulled.

Overcoming Moderate Ondontophobia With Counseling by a Dental Care Center in Gilbert

Moderate anxiety level patients can display typical panic attack symptoms that include lightheadedness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, sweats, and shaking. Patients with moderate anxiety will openly avoid dental care, and will normally only look for treatment in the event of serious agony.

Overcoming Phobic Level Dental Anxiety With Counseling by a Restorative Dentist

An openly phobic level patient has irrational fears and will avoid dental visits even when in severe pain, and may even get up and leave in the middle of a procedure. Patients with phobic level dental anxiety are the most difficult for a Gilbert dentist to provide care for. Dental anxiety is often caused by prior bad experience such as the feeling or gagging or choking while in the chair.
Dental anxiety can be overcome with the help of the right Gilbert dentist.
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