Gilbert Dental Practice

Many patients have come to our Gilbert dental practice seeking a second opinion. Others are just tired of their dentist telling them they need more treatment every time they go in.
Patients are often mystified when they receive differing diagnosis from one dentist to the next. For example, we see many patients that have silver fillings. These fillings are often very large and 10-20 years old or more! In a “perfect world” these fillings should be replaced with a crown or if small enough with a composite/resin filling. Teeth with large, old silver fillings are at risk for fracture because the filling is larger than what is clinically recommended. Some Gilbert dental practice dentists may recommend replacing ALL silver fillings regardless of their condition. However, if the filling is still sealed well with the surrounding tooth and has not broken in 20 years I question how likely it is to suddenly fracture.
If a patient is a heavy grinder and has broken teeth in the past then a crown is the best choice to protect the tooth from fracture. On the other hand, if a patient does not exhibit a problem with grinding or previously fractured teeth, then leaving the filling to continue functioning as it has for the past 20 years is an acceptable option.

Dental History Affects Gilbert Dental Practice Diagnosis

Gilbert dental practice I feel that the correct diagnosis is the one based on not only what currently presents itself, but a patients dental history, oral hygiene practices and regularity in receiving dental check ups. As a dentist in Gilbert I discuss these philosophies daily with my patients to help them make the right decisions for themselves. I believe my patients should understand their treatment options and the risks and benefits of each.
Our Gilbert dental practice is pleased to offer no charge consultations and second opinions. I feel it is important for patients to have confidence in the treatment they are receiving and the money they are spending.