Part two of a two part series on dental nerve damage covers other causes as well as treatment.  Be sure to read part one of our series as well.

Other Causes of Dental Nerve Damage

Pain Free Dentist in Gilbert | (480) 503-5467

Pain Free Dentist in Gilbert | (480) 503-5467

One of the other causes of dental nerve pain is complications from tooth extraction.  Of all of your molars, wisdom teeth are the most likely teeth to have complications later on.  That’s why unless they play a key role in your jaw shape that it is a good idea to remove wisdom teeth as soon as possible, before they become a problem.
Removing wisdom teeth before they become a problem is a better course of action than waiting, because of their tendency to cause dental nerve damage.  Root canal procedures,  and other dental procedures such as dental implants are other causes, however, they’re a lot rarer.  If you have nerve damage, there are usually only a few options open to you.

Dental Treatment and Dental Nerve Pain

The recommended course of dental treatment varies. For example if a dentist found signs of nerve damage, the best thing to do is to refer a patient to an oral surgeon.  If, however,  the symptoms appear after a dental procedure, we wouldn’t recommend oral surgery or at the very least, proceed with caution. There are other methods such as steroid treatment, and natural healing.  Considering the pain level that can be present with dental nerve injury, we obviously feel it is best for our patients.
A good thing about a lot of dental nerve problems, is that a great many of them are temporary, and don’t involve painful procedures.  For the rest, as a pain free dentist, we are here to help you get past dental nerve injury and pain.
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