In part two of a two part series, we explore some common elements of a dental exam.

Dental X-Rays and Your Dentist in Gilbert

A Dental Exam Can Help Spot Problems | Schedule One Today | (480) 503-5467

A Dental Exam Can Help Spot Problems | Schedule One Today | (480) 503-5467

Why do dentists do dental x-rays? Well, sometimes, an x-ray helps a dentist find problems that aren’t visible on the surface, like twisted roots, cavities below the gumlime, and other issues.
While taking dental x-rays can sometimes be a pain, they are a crucial part of any dental exam, as once they are taken, the dentist should be able to provide a proper diagnosis of your teeth.  With a proper diagnosis, she can recommend the best treatment, such as dental surgery, a filling,  or a tooth extraction.

Talk to Your Dentist

Silence is not golden in this case.  Some patients are close-mouthed regarding whatever dental issues they’re having. You need to disclose any problems you’ve experienced since your last dental check-up. You also need to tell your dentist any concerns you could have regarding recommended treatments or procedures.
Oral Cancer Screening: Should You Get It Done?
Your dentist might check your mouth and its surrounding tissues for signs of discolorations, lesions or suspicious bumps. If any abnormality is found, your dentist may recommend you to see a dental surgeon. The oral surgeon could provide you a second opinion as well as expect you to undergo a biopsy of the area for an in-depth analysis.
Standard dental exams don’t spot any unhealthy or abnormal areas, so your dentist might recommend a special cancer screening. The procedure entails lighting a flashlight-like tool inside the mouth to determine any questionable growth or discoloring. Patients who should be thinking about getting a special cancer screening include cigarette and tobacco smokers, alcohol drinkers and people whose families have a history of oral cancer.

Are Dental Checkups Covered By Dental Insurance?

Normally dental insurance includes routine dental hygiene, which includes exams. However, you need to check first if your insurance will cover expenses for processes like oral cancer screening.
Some problems in life take you by surprise.  Dental problems don’t have to catch you unprepared.  Get in to a dentist today and have a thorough dental exam.
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