There are several reasons to schedule a dentist appointment in Gilbert.

A Gilbert Dentist  Can Help You Prevent Problems Before they Become Painful | (480) 503-5467

A Gilbert Dentist Can Help You Prevent Problems Before they Become Painful | (480) 503-5467

Reasons to Schedule a Dentist Appointment

If it has been awhile, you might want to schedule a dentist appointment to catch any problems before they get worse.
More than five decades ago, dental examinations conducted on individuals awaiting military recruitment, indicated that Americans’ dental hygiene was poor. Few people cared for their teeth let alone going for dental checkups. One of the reasons for this situation was the lack of guidelines regarding dental care and hygiene.
Thankfully, the advancements in the field of medicine have enabled people to embrace the significance of proper dental care. Health professionals advise that one should visit a dentist on a regular basis. This article highlights some of the reasons to schedule a dentist appointment.
Plaque Removal and Dental Hygiene
Dental plaque is a type of bacteria that accumulates on surfaces within the mouth. Initially, it appears as a sticky colorless deposit, but later it forms tartar which is brown or pale yellow. Often, tartar forms at the front, between and behind teeth. Unfortunately, the formation of plaque is an inevitable process. It occurs when foods, mainly sugars and carbohydrates, are left on teeth frequently.
Plaque causes detrimental effects in two ways; leads to dental caries and periodontal problems. Dental caries is the damage to tooth tissues, brought about by the production of acids during the degradation process of fermented sugars. When plaque progresses to form tartar, it can only be removed via professional cleaning. A dentist uses special tools such as a dental scaler or ultrasonic scaler to get rid of the bacteria.
Plaque eventually solidifies into tartar, which is a hard film covering your teeth.  This film has active bacteria under it eating away at your tooth enamel.
Bad Breath
The onions that you had on your salad at supper or the cup of ginger tea that you were offered at your workplace are not the only causes of persistent bad breath. Other unknown causes of bad breath include health disorders such as nasal and stomach illnesses, dental infections or rotting teeth. Researchers have identified the prime cause of bad breath as oral bacteria, which give off gaseous byproducts. Fortunately, undertaking a dental exam can assist in determining possible dental problems that are causing bad breath.
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