As your dentist in Gilbert, I am  firm believer in smiling.  Why?  Well, several reasons spring to mind.
Part one of our series on smiling and your health explores some of the reasons you should smile today.

Improve Your Smile and Improve Your Life

I know what you’re thinking.  Isn’t this article linking smiling and your health.  Yes.  Let’s start with mental health first.  If you can smile in the face of adversity, you are naturally calmer and better equipped to handle stress as well as tension.  A smile can often diffuse tense situations, which makes it one of the most effective ways of managing conflict there is.  Also, here is this to consider.
Smiling can make you happy even when you’re not feeling your best.  There is a firm connection to what your mind believes, and your health. In short, if you believe you’re happy, you often are, and as your mind equates a smile with happiness, if you catch yourself smiling more, you’re more likely to feel better. However, there is a physical component to this as well.
Your Smile and Endorphin Production
Did you know that when you smile, you produce endorphins?  Endorphins are your body’s feel good chemicals, and they can literally make you see the world differently.  And smiling helps you to produce these miracle compounds.  Endorphins have been proven to help fight serious health problems from immune deficiency to hypertension.
So remember, when you don’t know how to hand what life sends your way, face it with confidence and with a smile.  You’ll be surprised at the results.  And remember that your dentist in Gilbert is an expert in bringing your smile out.
This concludes part one of our series on smiling and your health.  For more information, be sure to read the next part of our series.
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