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The doctor removes plaque and tartar from below the gumline with a non-surgical procedure known as root scaling and planning. Using specially designed instruments, root surfaces are smoothed and cleaned. Plaque and tartar need to be removed as they can make it easier for bacteria to invade, as well as causing toxins that can irritate the gums. We can provide periodontal cleanings and treatment or refer you to one of our recommended specialists.

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Efficient Periodontitis Treatment Near You In Gilbert, AZ
Efficient Periodontitis Treatment Near You

Periodontitis is a serious condition that can cause gum recession, tooth loss, and other issues if left untreated. Our professional team of dentists is highly experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of this common issue.

Dental Procedures For Receding Gums At Our Gilbert Dental Office
Dental Procedures For Receding Gums

We offer scaling and root planing, a procedure that removes plaque build-up from below the gum line, as well as regenerative procedures such as flap surgery or tissue grafts to rebuild gums that have receded due to gum disease.

Cost-Effective Methods To Cure Abscessed And Swollen Gums
Cost-Effective Methods To Cure Abscessed & Swollen Gums

These cost-effective methods focus on reducing bacteria and inflammation to stop the progression of periodontal disease. We also provide nutritional advice and discuss home care techniques that can help improve oral health over time.

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Best Rated Periodontal Therapist In Arizona

Periodontal dental care refers to any dental procedure specific to gum disease or dental implants. If an individual is dealing with damaged, cracked, or missing teeth, a periodontist can diagnose and treat the issue. Periodontal disease is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the gums and teeth bones, so it is important to regularly visit your dentist to prevent periodontal disease from occurring.

At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, our Gilbert periodontal team provides the best dental care you will find anywhere in Arizona. We believe every person deserves the opportunity for gentle, thorough dental care, whether they need regular cleanings, implants, crowns, bridges, oral surgery, or another dental service. When you visit Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we are confident you will experience our welcoming, competent environment.Schedule an appointment online or call (480) 503-5467 and let our expert dental team begin your dental care!

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What Are The Benefits Of Periodontal Therapy Procedures?

Periodontal therapy involves deep cleaning the gums to reduce any bacteria debris or inflammation that may be present below the gum line. When you schedule an appointment for periodontal therapy in Gilbert, our hygienists will inspect your gums for oral lesions or soft tissue damage, and ensure there is a perfectly clean, smooth surface for your gum to be attached to. Good gum and oral health contributes to excellent overall health!

Treat Tooth Decay With Periodontal Care In Gilbert

Treat Tooth Decay With Periodontal Care

Some forms of periodontal disease can be healed through treatments such as deep cleaning the tooth root surfaces, medications, or corrective surgery. Visit Gilbert Vista Dental Care to learn what options are available to you.

Teeth Whitening, Removal of Tartar And Improvement of Bad Breath In Gilbert

Teeth Whitening, Removal of Tartar & Improvement of Bad Breath

Protect your teeth and gums from decay, breakdown, and inflammation with regular periodontal care in Gilbert. Through detailed teeth whitening and tartar removal, Dr. Rita Peck and her team put your oral health first.

Safe And Efficient Periodontal Disease Treatment In Gilbert

Safe & Efficient Periodontal Disease Treatment

Our periodontal therapy procedures are designed to help treat and improve your oral health. We use the latest techniques and technologies to ensure a safe, efficient treatment process for our patients.

Identification Of Issues And Painful Gum Relief In Gilbert

Identification Of Issues And Painful Gum Relief

Periodontal therapy procedures, such as deep cleaning or scaling and root planing, not only treat gum disease but can also identify underlying issues. Additionally, these procedures can relieve painful symptoms associated with gum disease.

Quickly And Effectively Stop The Spread Of Gum Infection

Quickly & Effectively Stop The Spread Of Gum Infection

By identifying early the signs of gum infection or inflammation, Gilbert Vista Dental Care can stop the spread and keep the rest of your gums from being affected. Call today to schedule your Gilbert dental checkup!

Early Periodontal Examination And Disease Prevention In Gilbert

Early Periodontal Examination And Disease Prevention

With a thorough periodontal exam, your dentist is in a good position for early detection of oral cancer or other mouth and gum diseases. This gives you the best chance at total removal and cure.

Gilbert’s Trusted Gum Specialists

At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we understand the importance of early periodontal examination and disease prevention. That’s why we offer a wide range of services, including preventative care, periodontal exams, and Gilbert gum therapy. Our team of specialists is highly trained and experienced in the latest techniques to ensure you receive the best care possible.

Experienced Periodontal Surgery Dentist At Gilbert Vista Dental Care

Experienced Periodontal Surgery Dentist

Our team of dentists specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal disease, as well as performing gum surgeries to ensure the best results.

State-Of-The-Art Technology For Infected Gum Treatment

The Latest In Infected Gum Treatments

If you’re feeling pain due to a swollen gum, don’t worry! Our experienced dentists will offer safe and effective treatments to treat any gum disease so you can chew and speak normally again.

Scaling And Root Planning Dentistry In Gilbert

Scaling And Root Planning Dentistry

Our dentists we’ll do their best to remove all plaque and tartar before starting the root planing and smoothing out your teeth. We’ll make sure you smile confidently again!

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FAQ About Periodontal Treatment

There are many factors involved with the development of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. These risk factors include gingivitis (gum inflammation), poor oral health habits, smoking or chewing tobacco, recreational drug use, obesity, inadequate nutrition, genetics, hormonal changes, and more. One of the best ways to prevent gum disease is through a healthy, balanced diet, regular brushing at home, and consistent checkups with your dental team.
Periodontal disease or periodontitis are typically not seen in younger individuals. Data has shown a prevalence of periodontal disease in some form in adults aged 30 and older, with the likelihood increasing with age. However, if poor diet or inadequate oral care is in play, younger individuals can experience periodontitis too! At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we are equipped to provide some form of periodontal therapy to any mature individual who needs it.
If your dentist has identified periodontal disease in your mouth, the first treatment option is typically root scaling and planing. The goal is to avoid any invasive surgery and take the least-invasive route first to treat the issue and cure it. However, surgery is the next step, typically involving pocket reduction or bone grafting. Depending on what treatment is used, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,700 – $8,000, with tooth extractions averaging $200-$300 per tooth.
When periodontal disease occurs, oral health and function are affected in some form or another. The goals of periodontal therapy are ultimately to preserve the natural tissues of your teeth and gums, and to help the patient maintain excellent oral health and function afterward. If the gums are inflamed or diseased, chewing can become painful and difficult. Through root planing and scaling, or periodontal surgery, the teeth are able to function properly and fully, without pain or difficulty.
At your first periodontal consultation appointment, you can expect to have a full oral exam. Your dentist will need a starting point for your oral health, and will also look for signs of any potential issues. During your full examination, the periodontist will use various instruments and X-rays for measurements and imaging. Your treatment plan will depend on the type and severity of periodontal disease present in your teeth and gums.
Yes! Typically, most periodontal therapy services are same-day procedures. Depending what service you have done, you can expect the procedure to take around 2 hours to complete. Services that include anesthesia and putting the patient to sleep will take longer due to recovery times. Patients taking advantage of periodontal therapy can expect to have consistent checkups and follow up appointments with their dentist.
Oral health has a direct effect on your overall physical health and wellbeing. If you have tooth or gum disease, or periodontitis, present in your mouth, it needs to be addressed immediately to avoid it contributing to other, more serious concerns. Periodontitis has been associated with respiratory disease, chronic kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, cognitive impairment, obesity, metabolic syndrome, cancer, and other infections. It is crucial to have a full oral examination by a licensed periodontist to ensure your teeth and gums are in good order.
Professionals recommend individuals with healthy teeth and gums to get a periodontal examination done every 6 months, at the same time as their regular dental checkup. This will allow their dentist to identify early any signs of breakdown, inflammation, infection, or other periodontal concerns. Patients who need periodontal maintenance or deep cleaning should schedule an appointment every 3-4 months to ensure their oral health remains in good standing.

Oral health has a direct effect on your overall health and wellbeing. For this reason, periodontal disease should never be left untreated or left to resolve on its own. It will simply get worse! Left untreated, the condition can loosen your teeth or cause loss of teeth, and will slowly spread throughout your body to affect other critical systems such as your respiratory system, circulatory system, kidneys, mental health, and more.

At Gilbert Vista Dental Care, we have worked diligently to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for each of our patients. We never want fear or pain to be the reason a patient goes without excellent dental care! During your periodontal therapy treatments, you can typically expect some discomfort, but it will likely be much less than you think! We offer local anesthetic for every procedure for your comfort, and our periodontal team is competent and skilled.
Brush your teeth twice a day, floss between teeth once daily, rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash a few times a day and remember to replace worn-out toothbrushes every three to four months. Most importantly: visit your dentist at least once a year!
The first thing you can do is to gently floss and brush the area before rinsing your mouth with saltwater. After that, contact one of our dentists to receive proper treatment.
Antibiotics, antimicrobial mouth rinses, and surgery are usually necessary for treatment. Gum recession cannot be reversed, but treatment can keep it from worsening.
Before the process, you’ll have to avoid taking medications like pain relievers, aspirin, and blood thinners. You should also avoid smoking or taking alcohol 24 hours before surgery. Your dentist will give you more details on what to do so you can be ready for the surgery day.

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