Your dentist in Gilbert offers a great many services, all of which are not just tied to your smile.  Your dentist can also help to improve your health overall.

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert | Schedule an Appointment Today  | (480) 503-5467

Visit Your Dentist in Gilbert | Schedule an Appointment Today | (480) 503-5467

How Can a Dentist Help Me Become Healthier?

A dentist can help you become healthier.  How?  Well for one, because your oral health ties into so much more than you might think.  Oral health is very important to overall health. This is because it improves a person’s ability to smile, speak, taste, smell, chew, swallow and make a number of facial expressions that show emotions and feelings.
Good oral care like brushing and flossing on a daily basis as well as professional treatment by a dental office is key to great oral health. There are some health behaviors that you should avoid as they could lead to poor oral health and these include: excessive alcohol use, tobacco use and poor dietary choice. It is important to make sure you visit a professional dentist. These are professionals who offer a wide array of services and some of them include:
Diagnostic and preventive services
The most effective techniques of maintaining oral heath involve use of oral hygiene including flossing and brushing. This should also be complemented with regular scheduled professional cleaning & examinations. Some of the services that you can get from a professional dentist include:
Fluoride treatments Cleanings Sealants Gum treatments Oral hygiene instruction Temporomandibular joint disorder X-ray ExtractionsTop notch dental cameras that allow patients to understand their treatment needs & options better.
Restorative services
These are ideal for natural teeth that are decayed, damaged or lose. These seek to protect and strengthen the remaining tooth structure to enhance the appearance of the teeth. Some of these services are:
Implants Tooth colored filings Partial dentures Reline & repair dentures Bridges and crowns Cosmetic dental services
Dental treatment in addition to enhancing oral health also seeks to improve the patient’s appearance. The science and art of dentures has advanced as the services offered normally duplicate beautiful natural teeth. You can end up looking healthier and younger after cosmetic dental care which comprises of services such as:
Zoom teeth whitening
Tooth colored fillings
Smile makeovers
Orthodontic dental services

Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Going to a Dentist

You should never wait until you’re hurting to visit a dentist’s office. By the time you’re in pain, what could have been solved with some minor treatment usually has to be solved with a lot more effort and pain.  So take care of your mouth, and visit a dentist in Gilbert, AZ.
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