Preventative Dentistry and Visiting Your Dentist in Gilbert

If you are wondering why you should go visit a dentist in Gilbert, then the main reason is that failing to do so can cost you your teeth and damage your health in ways that you probably can’t even imagine.

Your Dentist in Gilbert Can Help Bring Your Smile Out | (480) 503-5467

Your Dentist in Gilbert Can Help Bring Your Smile Out | (480) 503-5467

Preventive Dentistry Is The Key To Oral Health

Preventive dentistry is one of the best ways you can ensure that you won’t end up having major dental problems that can be quite expensive to fix. Most types of dental insurance have a small or even zero dollars copay for dental checkups, which means that you really don’t have any excuses for not going. Even if you don’t have dental insurance, many dental offices will offer a low cost or free dental exam for your first visit. So if you have been putting off going to the dentist because you think you can’t afford it, then you should realize that this is not a good excuse. In fact, ignoring dental problems won’t make them go away, it will only make them worse which will make them even more expensive to fix in the future.
If you want to have a healthy mouth a little prevention goes a long way. Far too many people wait to go to their Gilbert dentist until they have a problem. Not only do they wait until there is a problem, they often wait until that problem has progressed until it has gotten to be unbearable.  So what’s the process?  Well first off, a dental exam is mandatory.  Dental exams help to diagnose problems.

Putting Off A Trip To Your Family Dentist Can Be A Costly and Painful Mistake

The problem here is that by this point there are often only two options, expensive restorative work including getting root canal treatment and a crown, or an extraction. Rather than make the mistake of letting things get to this point, preventive dentistry is a much better option. By going to your family dentist for a regular checkup around once every six months, your dentist will be able to proactively monitor the health of your teeth and mouth. That means that the chances of developing a major problem will be significantly lessened, which should, of course, be what you are looking for.
When you have a toothache it’s usually due to a cavity. Cavities don’t heal on their own, they need a dentist to repair them. While nobody likes the sound of the drill, that drill sure beats ending up with a broken tooth.
Don’t worry, we will really try to make this as painless as possible.  We are always striving to be the best dentist in Gilbert.
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