When I was researching this article, even being a dentist, I was surprised how many myths people have regarding teeth…

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Myth #1:  George Washington had wooden teeth.
The True Story:  If you think about it, if this were true, you wouldn’t need a dentist as much as you would need a carpenter.  And think about it, could you imagine the splinters you’d get in your mouth?  As for George Washington, he had false teeth, but they were not made of wood. They were made of metal, springs, a cow’s tooth, and hippopotamus ivory They were most likely much more uncomfortable than wooden teeth by a long ways.  According to history, Washington’s teeth were a poor fit, and his mouth ended up very distorted.
Myth #2:  Your teeth can grow back if you lose them.
The True Story:   I think people are confusing this with baby teeth, which do fall out and are replaced by adult teeth.  No, unlike sharks which have a never ending supply of replacement teeth, or rodents whose teeth keep growing for as long as they live, humans have a finite amount of teeth.  With proper dental care, however, you can actually keep your teeth for life.
Myth #3: Sugar will rot your teeth.
The True Story: It isn’t the sugar as much as it is the amount of time that the sugar has been in contact with your teeth.  The worst two offenders are hard candy and soda. And it is still not the sugar as the bacteria that thrives on the sugar and the acids they produce that eat away at tooth enamel.  So it’s a simple formula.  Drink a lot of soda, eat some hard candy, and end up visiting your dentist more than you should.
Myth 4: If you lose your baby teeth to tooth decay, don’t worry, they’re falling out anyway.
The True Story: No nice way to say it.  WRONG!.  Losing your baby teeth to tooth decay it can also damage the crowns of your developing teeth.  To make this problem worse, if your  baby teeth don’t fall out naturally, your permanent teeth have a good chance of coming out crooked.  Which means you’re going to need  to put braces on your child.
As you see, there’s a lot of wrong information out there.  So when in doubt, don’t rely on what’s out in the zeitgeist.  Call a professional: a dentist in Gilbert, Arizona.
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