Teeth Cleaning Gilbert And A Healthy Mouth

  teeth cleaning gilbert The best way to keep teeth for a lifetime is through good home care, regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning Gilbert.  A healthy mouth and teeth are critical components of general health; one must have good oral health to have good general health.  Dr. Rita Peck, your Gilbert dentist, carefully includes overall health when evaluating oral health.  Prevention is key in keeping teeth and gums healthy; establishing and maintaining good brushing and flossing habits at home, along with routine dental visits are essential steps toward taking charge of your health.  You deserve a healthy smile!

Teeth Cleaning Gilbert:  What Can I Expect?

At your first dental visit, Dr. Rita Peck will review your health history and address concerns you may have regarding your general health and your teeth.  She will check the health of your teeth, gums and jawbones as well as screen for signs of oral cancer.  Dental x-rays may also be taken, which assist Dr. Peck in detecting tooth decay and any other problems.  Teeth cleaning Gilbert involves the use of special ultrasonic instruments and special hand instruments to gently remove plaque and tartar from teeth.  Plaque is bacteria colonies – a white, sticky film that forms on teeth.  If plaque is not regularly removed by brushing and flossing, it mineralizes, forming tartar.  Tartar on teeth (like barnacles stuck to a ship) can lead to tooth decay and gum disease and must be removed professionally.  Polishing teeth removes stain and plaque, leaving teeth smooth and sparkling clean.  A fluoride treatment aids in keeping teeth healthy and strong.

Make Teeth Cleaning Gilbert Your Priority With Dr. Rita Peck

Good oral health is an important part of good general health.  Good oral hygiene habits at home, as well as regular dental checkups and teeth cleaning Gilbert keeps your mouth healthy by keeping you on track.  Education, prevention, and early detection are weapons against tooth decay, gum disease and other serious health problems.  Problems detected early are easily treatable.  With today’s busy lifestyle, it is easy to neglect your health and your teeth.  Do not underestimate the importance of dental visits; a healthy smile requires healthy habits and a visit with Dr. Rita Peck will put you on the right path.  For current patients-congratulations on maintaining healthy teeth.  For new patients-welcome to our office!