A dentist in Gilbert is all about options.
As we covered previously, dentures are one of several options that a Gilbert dentist can offer.
But let’s say you’ve decided that dentures are right for you. Well, here are some vital tips that will help you after you’ve been fitted for them.

Real dentures can often be indistinguishable from regular teeth | (480) 503-5467

Real dentures can often be indistinguishable from regular teeth | (480) 503-5467

Denture Cleaning is Crucial

After you’ve consulted with your dentist in Gilbert, and you’ve been fitted, you’ll likely receive information on cleaning your dentures.
According to the article: “5 things you should know about dentures”
by Clare Van Sant, RDH, BS” on the site RDHMAG.COM:
“A thorough cleaning of their dentures may rate low on the priority list of some denture patients. For these patients, a quick brushing and occasional five-minute soak might be the extent of their denture care. Since in many cases poor oral hygiene is a contributing factor to their tooth loss in the first place, convincing these patients to adopt a more stringent daily cleaning routine may be an uphill battle.
Another major challenge with this population is motivating them to visit the dental office for routine recall appointments. One report indicates that only 19 percent of denture wearers remember their dentist’s instruction to come back for regular checkups.1 How can dental hygienists, who recognize the importance of daily disinfecting dentures and routine professional evaluations, help denture patients understand the importance of both regular office visits and everyday at-home care?
The answer may be as simple as sharing a few important facts. We know some patients are hard to motivate and may be resistant to change; however, sound clinical evidence can be a powerful influence for some people. Here are some lesser-known facts about dentures that any dental professional can use to help motivate patients to manage their dentures.
• Partial and full acrylic dentures have surface pores – To the eye, the acrylic surface of a denture appears solid and unbroken, but under a microscope, pockmarks are revealed.2 What does this mean to denture patients? A quick brushing every day may not be enough to thoroughly clean the denture. Even a very thorough brushing may not be sufficient to reach bacteria harbored in microscopic crevices. A denture brush and foaming toothpaste simply may not penetrate the many hiding places that microbes find in a denture surface.
Some might wonder if this is really a cause for concern. After all, everyone’s mouth is filled with germs, thus we get morning breath. But research has isolated Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus mutans, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, and hundreds of other garden-variety germs in acrylic dentures.3,4 Keep in mind that while our mouths have the benefit of the body’s immune system, acrylic denture material has no such germ-fighting properties, so bacteria can easily reproduce within the denture. [READ SOURCE]

Dentures: Some Final Thoughts From Your Gilbert Dentist

Dentures aren’t what they once were. Call your Gilbert dentist today to see if dentures are right for you.
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