Gilbert Dentist Visiting First Graders

Gilbert-dentist Throughout January and February, Dr. Rita Peck and her staff are currently visiting first graders in several elementary schools in the Gilbert School District, promoting Dental Health Month and educating students on the importance of good oral health. Dr. Peck explains to the children why it is important to brush their teeth, demonstrating proper brushing techniques and she encourages them to practice good habits at home. As a professional Gilbert dentist, she offers dental screenings and concludes her presentation by giving each student a goody bag with a tooth brush and toothpaste. The students are excited, eager to learn and ask many questions! Dr. Peck enjoys volunteering her time, meeting the students and serving her community. For children who have not yet seen a dentist, this first visit is a happy and relaxed one.

Visit Your Gilbert Dentist to Maintain Your Oral Hygeine

“Preventive dental health, which includes good oral hygiene, regular check-ups and routine cleanings is key to maintaining a healthy smile. Tooth decay is a very common childhood disease. A Gilbert dentist can help you avoid dental problems that can cause pain; which if left untreated often leads to other health consequences”, explains Dr. Peck.

Primary Teeth Are Important

Parents sometimes wonder why it is important to take care of primary teeth.  In addition to giving the face a normal appearance, primary teeth are necessary for clear speech ,good nutrition and they hold space for permanent teeth.   
Dr. Peck, your friendly Gilbert dentist, cares for many children at her private practice, Gilbert Vista Dental Care.